April 5th, 2011

Jobs for Chet and Patty? No, Not Really

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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What do you call a political operative who just started his/her own consulting company?



Does anyone else find it funny that Chet Culver and Patty Judge launched their own “consulting” companies on the same day?  Isn’t it also ironic that Patty’s got her new “job” just days after getting turned down by the Iowa Association of School Boards.  I don’t have anything against political or business consultants, but you’re unemployed until you actually have a paying client.

I also noticed that Chet’s new “business” is located in Suite B of the 2501 Grand building, which is the same address for Wandro & Baer, a Des Moines law firm.  That means Chet’s new “business” doesn’t even have its own office space.

Dave Price of Channel 13 noticed that Chet and Patty had some pretty funny errors on their websites.  Jason Clayworth on the other hand proudly announced that his buddy Chet got a job.  As I said above, it’s not a job unless you have a paying client.  Plus Chet and Patty can still draw unemployment since they are both self “employed.”  Don’t you love America?

Yee-Haw for T-Paw!

I know I made fun for T-Paw yesterday for his Charlie Sheen comments.  Normally I would lay off for a while, but this is too funny. Was T-Paw wearing a cowboy hat when he was in Iowa last weekend?

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