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January 28th, 2011

ITR: It’s a good start, but Governor Branstad there is more work to be done

The practice of government picking winners and losers still exists in the governor’s first budget

Yesterday, Governor Branstad released his budget to Iowans, and we applaud a number of his points; the two year budget, no property tax increases, no more one-time money spent for on-going expenses, and reducing taxes by nearly $200 million. We commend Governor Branstad’s commitment to put a stop to the bad budgeting practices, which Iowans saw with the previous governor. However, some improvement is still necessary.

Iowans for Tax Relief President, Ed Failor, Jr., said,

“This budget is a good start, but Governor Branstad there is more work to be done. Continuing to fund the Iowa Values Fund, where government is picking winners and losers, limits the growth of Iowa. The $25 million committed for two budget years is better invested by Iowa taxpayers, not by our government choosing to award it to a limited few recipients.”

Last week the Iowa House of Representatives approved House File 45, which eliminates the support for taxpayer funded giveaway programs such as the Iowa Values Fund. Iowans for Tax Relief strongly supports this bill, and urges the Iowa Senate to move it forward quickly, and to Governor Branstad’s desk for approval.

Failor continued,

“This budget proposal gets the Iowa budget back to working more like the family budget, and this is a step in the right direction. Yet, eliminating programs which continue to allow the government the upper hand over taxpayers needs to be removed from the budget.”

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