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April 14th, 2011

Iowa Tea Party Details

Davenport Tea Party – Friday

If not you … then who?  The time is now! If at all possible please take some time THIS FRIDAY (details below) to send a message to the politicians and the community that big government is unsustainable! Special interests have been using disruption and intimidation to prevent responsible changes to the old ways of government as usual   . . . where vote buying special interests win at the expense of the majority of tax payers.  Don’t let them have such sway. Stand up and be counted!

We know it is a workday but many of us can still take time from our duties or stop by on our lunch hour.  Retirees can make a statement that they do not want future generations, their children and grand children, burdened by unsustainable debt.  Make a sign or just stand in solidarity sending a message that “robbing Peter to pay Paul” is not what this country was founded to do!  No bull horns please but this is a time for voiced good cheer.!  Please send this to your list, call your friends  and ask them to attend. Our message is being lost to the special interest pleadings disruptions and even threats.  TEA Party activists from Illinois are also making plans to go to Springfield this Friday as well.  That is very important.  This message and this opportunity is intended for those who cannot make that trip.  We wish them Godspeed!

Roger Mall,  on behalf of ad hoc organizing committee.



Friday April 15th
Noon to – 2:00 PM
Fourth and Main Streets Downtown Davenport

“Rain or shine”

Purpose:  — sidewalk demonstration and office visit

“Conveniently located” near the offices of Congressman Bruce Braley and not far from the offices of Senator Chuck Grassley

Statement from organizers:

The intent of the demonstration is to lend voice to the need to get the tax and spend and deficit spending mentality under control.  Reasonable budget proposals are on the table and should be supported.  Unless spending gets under control younger generations will experience crushing debt (if not bankruptcy), a declining economy and high joblessness. The tax burdens are too high for a weak economy. The regulatory system is incredibly complicated.  Both are job killers slowing economic recovery.  The big government nanny state is not only unsustainable it is no substitute for strong stable families and more personal responsibility.


ANY UPDATES POSTED AT: ; and ; or e-mail requests to [email protected]

“We are not anti-government . . .  we are anti- an overpowering big government  . . . because a government big enough to ‘give’ everything people want is big enough to take whatever people have.”

Cedar Rapids Tea Party – Friday

We will be holding our annual Tax Day TEA Party at the Tree of 5 Seasons.

Friday, April 15, 2011


This year we do have a special guest speaker, Mike George.

Des Moines Tea Party – Saturday State Capitol

There will be a Central Iowa Regional Tea Party Rally at the west side of the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 from 10:45 to 1:30.   This is the 3rd consecutive Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party.

This year we invited those who have indicated that they are considering a run for the GOP nomination for President of the United States. We are honored to have Governor Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota and businessman Herman Cain.

Also speaking are Mike George of Strong America Now and Ralph Benko, who is well known in Tea Party Circles, will speak on the Gold Standard.

Local celebrities including newly elected Tea Party supported Iowa House Representatives will also thank the Tea Party and comment on what they see happening in Iowa Government.

It promises to be a great event with many area Tea Party like-minded groups participating.

For further information please go to or call Charlie Gruschow at 1-515-225-6360.

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