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August 16th, 2011

Iowa Tea Party Activists Make National News

Ryan Rhodes, a well-known tea party activist and Bachmann supporter in Iowa, has made national news by confronting President Obama at town hall event last night in Iowa.  Here is some of the coverage of Rhodes’ confrontation with President Obama.  Stacey Rogers, a practicing attorney who is contemplating running for the legislature in the open Ankeny seat, joined Rhodes,

You can watch the video here.

LA Times: An Iowa “tea party” activist, Ryan Rhodes, confronted Obama after the event to speak to him whether Vice President Joe Biden during the debt-ceiling talks in Washington compared tea-party affiliated lawmakers to terrorists.

Rhodes first brought up the question during the town hall and then approached the president afterward and the two got into a heated exchange.

Huffington Post: “He said we were acting like terrorists,” Iowa Tea Party activist Ryan Rhodes said, confronting the president after the Decorah town hall as Obama worked a rope line of audience members. “What we stand for is limited government and a balanced budget,” Rhodes continued.

Obama countered that Biden was making the point that almost failing to raise the debt ceiling was irresponsible.

“He wasn’t objecting to the balanced budget amendment, he was objecting to us almost defaulting,” Obama said. As Rhodes persisted, and Obama continued to shake hands, the president added, “It doesn’t sound like you are interested in listening.”

Fox News: In public, Obama did not directly answer the question from Iowa Tea Party activist Ryan Rhodes about Biden. But Obama fired back that he knows better than anyone what it’s like to be slammed for his political views and was not about to accept a lecture on the topic.

“Now, in fairness, since I’ve been called a socialist who wasn’t born in this country, who is destroying America and taking away its freedoms because I passed a health care bill, I’m all for lowering the rhetoric,” Obama said.

Obama did say he would discuss the matter further with Rhodes, founder of the Iowa Tea Party, after the event. And the duo was spotted in an animated conversation a few moments later.


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