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August 24th, 2011

Iowa Ruckus: Pataki ‘Major Announcement’ Coming This Weekend

Former three-term Governor George Pataki (R – N.Y.) has confirmed that he will not only be speaking at this Saturday’s Polk County Republican Picnic and Road to the White House 2012 Presidential Forum, but that he may have “a major announcement” to make.  Judging by the venue and the continued dissatisfaction with the current field of GOP presidential candidates, I can’t imagine what that announcement could be (note sarcasm).

If, on the off chance (again, sarcasm), Pataki will announce he will be running for President, it could not have come at a worse time for front runner Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts.  With recent Iowa, New Hampshire, and now national polls showing Conservative Texas Governor Rick Perry may be stealing the front-runner label, Romney simply can’t afford to start splitting the party establishment vote with the more moderate Pataki.

The biggest impact in Iowa though (where Romney is not currently campaigning), could be how the Iowa Republican establishment reacts.  Governor Terry Branstad and his allies, known to be more idealogically moderate, looked to be signaling recently that they might be inclined to support the Texas Governor, despite Perry’s Tea Party credentials.  Will the Brandstad group, who has already tried to lure New Jersey Governor Chris Christie into the race, instead get behind Pataki; the lone, viable moderate who will be running in our state?

That’s where my money is, but I’ve been wrong before and it’s bound to happen again.  One thing’s for sure though: It’s getting pretty crowded (and noisy) here in Iowa.

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