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September 1st, 2011

Iowa Ruckus: Palin Update

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Written by: Jason Geiken
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Recently, there has been quite a dust up between former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Ken Crow, founder of Tea Party of America.  Crow’s group is sponsoring the “Restoring America Event” this weekend in Indianola, and has been promoting it largely on the basis that Sarah Palin will be the featured speaker and she may have a major announcement to make.  Palin’s attendance came into question yesterday though, and failed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, a favorite of the tea party movement, was invited and uninvited to the event… twice.

There’s plenty already out there about why the bickering, but I have to speak to an article I posted a couple days ago.  I wrote pretty confidently that Palin does not intend to run for President, based on a conversation I had with Crow at the Polk GOP Summer Picnic last weekend.  However, recent events, particularly a Wall Street Journal article in which the Palin Camp accused the event organizers of “continual lying,” tells me that Crow is not as informed on Palin’s true intentions as he claims.

So, I can’t tell you with certainty if Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012 (though I still don’t think she will).  However, I can perhaps corroborate their claim in the Journal…


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