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July 21st, 2011

Iowa Ruckus: McCotter

Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter kicked off his presidential campaign in Iowa this week. May I join caucus goers throughout the state in saying… “Who?”

In my humble opinion, McCotter’s newly-launched bid to become the GOP’s standard bearer against President Obama next year perfectly personifies the challenge facing Republican voters this time around. Why should we vote for any of these people?

Mitt Romney’s flip-flop-flips are disingenuous and his health insurance plan in Massachussetts removes all credibility to fight ObamaCare.  Besides, he won’t be campaigning here.  Sarah Palin (if she runs) is a half-term-governor-turned reality star.  Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul?  Take your pick of fatal flaws there.

Former Senator Rick Santorum lost BIG in his last election in Pennsylvania, which doesn’t inspire much confidence for a national election.  Herman Cain’s never held elective office.  Michele Bachmann, like McCotter, comes from a relatively safe Republican district and has little experience appealing to a more idealogically-diverse electorate.  Texas Governor Rick Perry (who will run) threatened to secede from the U.S. last year and now wants to be President.  Irony?  And Governor Tim Pawlenty, while having a strong resume, lacks money and charisma.  Perhaps he’ll catch on, but he’s not getting any traction yet.

Where’s the inspiration?  McCotter doesn’t bring anything new here and with the December caucuses only five months away (yes, they will be in December due to those pesky states that refuse to abide by the primary calendar rules and a national party without the backbone to enforce them), he has neither the time nor the resources to build a credible campaign.

He’s just adding to the noise.

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Jason Geiken
Jason Geiken (pronounced GUY - ken) works in marketing for a financial firm in the Des Moines area and has served on various Republican campaigns over the last several years. Geiken is the former co-founder and editor of, has written for, and has been a regular guest on a number of local talk radio programs. He has been a consistent advocate for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and government accountability.

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