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August 30th, 2011

Iowa Ruckus Exclusive: Palin Will Not Run for President(?)

As I jumped in my car yesterday and headed home from work, I immediately recognized the raspy, Texas-seasoned voice coming across Newsradio 1040 WHO.  It was Ken Crow, founder of Tea Party of America, the organization sponsoring this weekend’s “Restoring America Event,” which will feature former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

I recognized Crow’s voice because, while attending the Polk County GOP Summer Picnic on Saturday afternoon, I had been approached by Crow who was hoping to arrange a meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry, a presidential candidate and one of the speakers at the event.  Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I was at the event as a Perry volunteer, signing people up to receive additional information about the candidate.  Crow, apparently not realizing that I was a nobody who has never even met Perry, let alone someone who has any sway whatsoever with his campaign (in fact, I’ve not endorsed any candidate and I was simply there as a favor to a friend), told me he wanted to meet with the Texas Governor and perhaps endorse him in the near future.

“I love Sarah Palin,” Crow told me, “but I know for a fact she ain’t gonna run.”

Now, many readers may consider the source less than credible, but consider: this guy runs an organization that has put up some pretty serious coin to bring Palin to Iowa for the “Restoring America Event.”  Wouldn’t he have at least a little inside knowledge about her true intentions?

What sealed it for me was listening to Crow’s interview with WHO Radio’s Simon Conway yesterday (Podcast here).  In one exchange (18:30 of the Podcast), Conway told Crow, “you shouldn’t  comment on [Palin running for President] Ken, because people will start reading between the lines and, you know, we’ve gotta make it clear we still don’t know if she’s gonna announce.”

“That is true,” was Crow’s puzzling repsonse.

In other words, Ken Crow and “Tea Party of America” are just using the hype of a potential Palin announcement to promote their event.  Even the poll question on their site today is, “When do you think Sarah Palin will announce as a candidate for the Presidency?”  Top answer (by far): “On Sept. 3rd at the [Restoring America] event.”  But the reality is that they already know Sarah Palin “ain’t gonna run.”

But why wouldn’t they use such a ploy?  This is the same strategy that Sarah Palin herself is currently implementing.  Act like she’s gonna run, whip the media into a frenzy, stay relevant and then let the lucrative book and TV deals continue to role in.  Now, most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it’s been kind of fun watching the mainstream media ineptly try to figure it out.

The problem is that now it’s crunch time.  The presidential primary season is in full swing and Palin’s feigned flirtation with running for President has left a lot of party faithful on the sidelines when they should be engaged, vetting the other candidates and choosing the best nominee to put forward next year.  It’s an important election, the outcome of which will not only decide the Leader of the Free World, but also the character of our nation for generations to come.  The time has come for self promoters to stop gumming up this vital process.  Even Donald Trump has already moved on!

So Governor Palin, if your goal truly is “Restoring America,” then start by shooting straight with her.  Let the people know that you have already decided not to run.  Then, you can get on with the business of making your money (nothing wrong with that) and we can get on with the business of replacing President Obama.


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Jason Geiken (pronounced GUY - ken) works in marketing for a financial firm in the Des Moines area and has served on various Republican campaigns over the last several years. Geiken is the former co-founder and editor of, has written for, and has been a regular guest on a number of local talk radio programs. He has been a consistent advocate for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and government accountability.

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