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June 12th, 2011

Iowa National Committeeman Disappointed Candidates Skipping Straw Poll

By Steve Scheffler
While Iowa politics seldom takes a day off, it certainly intensifies every four years as the presidential field takes shape.  Iowa’s first-in-the-nation position also brings the clichéd contempt and derision of our voters, as well as the institutions of the Straw Poll and Caucus.  These complaints have been around longer than bus tours and book signings and will always linger.  This squabbling can usually be traced to the old left media and followers of liberal candidates.
And that’s just fine.  We Iowans like the debate.  Each and every day I am involved in conversation with Iowans over the sad direction of our nation.  Nearly every day I am somewhere in Iowa at meetings, small and large, always centering on who can, should, or will be our Republican nominee.  Soon the Iowa Straw Poll will give voice to thousands that are determined to elect a new president.  Events like these are vital for both voters and candidates if Republicans are to coalesce around the eventual nominee.  All candidates considering a run for president must become fully engaged in the process and share our absolute need for a strong nominee.
Fear of this great debate tells us as much about a candidate as their stance on the issues ranging from repeal of Obamacare to border security.  Iowa Republicans who travel all the way to Ames to voice their opinion and the thousands more gathering on caucus night take their role very seriously.  Any candidate wishing to assume the most powerful office must match their enthusiasm.  Therefore, it is utterly disappointing that John Huntsman and Mitt Romney are skipping.
By and large, these voters are the most passionate political activists.  They are the ones who daily engage at the local diner, convince their neighbors, and encourage their fellow congregants.  They do not fear the debate because they understand just how dire the consequences are.  The activist promoting life and liberty should not be ignored, let alone mocked.  Instead, join our debate and let us know where you differ on the important issues of the day.
The actual Republican Party of Iowa is its platform.  The institutions of the Straw Poll and Caucus, in turn, are the events built to showcase Iowa Republicans and their platform.  Iowa Republicans cannot, and will not, skip our opportunity to state our principles and priorities, and will join the nationwide debate on the future of the United States.

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