January 4th, 2011

I Will Miss Carolyn Washburn… And Her Epic Wedgie

Carolyn Washburn, the Editor of the Des Moines Register, is leaving to take the same position with the Cincinnati Enquirer, another Gannett publication.

The Register tries to spin the decision as a promotion for Washburn since she will now be the Editor of her hometown newspaper. The real story is that Washburn has to leave if the Register wants to have any chance at hosting another presidential debate.

Iowans have not forgotten the epic weggie she sported during the Register’s 2008 Republican presidential debate. If having a huge wedgie in front of a nationwide audience wasn’t embarrassing enough, the national media ridiculed the debate itself. Heck, I think everybody thought that debate sucked.

The Register said that Washburn “received a wide range of national recognition.” Isn’t that the truth? Look at the recognition she received by Charles Krauthammer on Fox News.


I also feel bad for Washburn’s replacement, Rick Green. I simply don’t know how on earth a man will survive working in a building dominated by women and Jason Clayworth.

I guess they will probably give him a little slack as long as he loves Iowa’s merit based judicial nominating system and gays. Oh, it would also probably help if he hates Steve King and Bob Vander Plaats too.

My guess is that Mr. Green is a living example of the word emasculated.

Welcome to Des Moines Rick!

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