March 21st, 2011

I-Jobs Didn’t Even Create Construction Jobs?

The results of the last election make me believe that most Iowans realized that the Democrats I-Jobs proposal was a flop. The state of Iowa borrowed over $800 million for projects because Governor Culver and Democrat leaders believed it would create 40,000 jobs. That number has since been proved wrong, but you get the point.

We all know that I-Jobs really created no jobs, just some projects to work on. We now have proof that I-Jobs even failed at creating construction jobs. Last week the Associated General Contractors released a report saying that construction employment fell in Iowa by 12,400 jobs from January 2007 to the first month of this year.

So what did we really get out of going into debt to the tune of almost a billion dollars? Nothing. Iowans just got stuck with the tab.

The Register Can’t Even Understand Simple Politics

The Editorial Board at the Des Moines Register is at it again. This time they are upset with Republicans in the Iowa House for passing bills that might not succeed in the Senate. The two examples they used were the Voter ID bill and the collective bargaining bill.

I’m sorry, but both of these bills were the centerpieces in campaigns last fall. Secretary of State Matt Schultz used the Voter ID issue and won a three-way primary and then knocked off a sitting incumbent with the issue. Legislators and Governor Branstad campaigned extensively at requiring state workers to pay $100 a month for their health care benefits.

I guess after seeing Republicans go from a 44 seats in the House to 60, and from 18 to 24 seats in the Senate, one would expect to see them follow through on their campaign promises. The same goes for Branstad and Schultz.

While the Register thinks that it’s pointless for the House to pass bills that don’t look like they have a shot at passing the Senate, this is how you negotiate. Like it or not, the House Republicans will have to compromise with Senate Democrats before this legislative session concludes. So while Gronstal might get something that he wants, say more money for pre-school, Republicans now have plenty of things they can negotiate for like a 20% income tax cut, additional spending cuts, a marriage amendment, or the voter ID bill.

It’s shocking to me that the state’s largest newspaper doesn’t understand how deal making works at the state capitol.

From a Friend of a Friend

A number of Iowans are excited about Herman Cain’s run for president. Tea Party Charlie is going to run Cain’s campaign, which makes sense. The one thing that doesn’t make sense is that Cain flew private from Council Bluffs to New Hampshire a couple weeks ago. That takes some cash, and is not a good use of campaign funds, especially considering that he was next door to the Omaha airport.

Cain might just have expensive tastes. I also heard that when in Iowa he stays in the presidential suite at the Holiday Inn in West Des Moines. I sure hope his buddy Mike Whalen is giving him a good rate…

More Randomness…

What’s up with The Bean Walker? It hasn’t been updated in days.

Anyone else worried about Obama’s little war in Libya? When Admiral Mike Mullen uses phrases like, “use our unique capabilities,” that tells me we are not in it to win it, which makes me think this is going to be a big mess.

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