January 17th, 2011

Hurley Thinks He Can Get Cady To Resign – Good Luck With That

Chuck Hurley of The FAMiLY Leader is scheduled to sit down and talk to Chief Justice Mark Cady sometime soon according to Kay Henderson.  Apparently Hurley is going to ask his to pray and search his heart.  After doing that, Hurley is confident that he will resign from the court.

Who would have thought that Hurley had such persuasive powers?  Just think want one could do with such a talent.

The tragedy in Tucson could have been avoided if only Hurley had talked to Jared Loughner.  Imagine if he had asked Hitler to search his heart?  Heck, once President Obama hears about this, I’m sure Hurley will replace Hillary as Secretary of State.  All of our trouble with China, Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea could be wiped away in minutes.  Talk about “peace in our time!”

On a serious note, I don’t have a problem with Hurley sitting down with Cady, but asking him or the other members of the Iowa Supreme Court to resign is a stupid waste of time.  Not only that, but Hurley and Vander Plaats weekly statement about asking them to resign has made them and The FAMiLY Leader be seen as a bunch of idiots.

Cady proved that he was a pompous a$$ last week during his address to a joint session of the legislature.  He made it abundantly clear, he and his colleagues don’t think they did anything wrong.  Additionally, I think its clear that he is not going to be persuaded by Hurley talking about “the law of nature and nature’s God.”

I find it strange that the guy who wanted to sign an Executive Order to stay a court decision is now straddling the fence when it comes to what needs to be done next.  Most of Vander Plaats’ supporters want impeachment, yet he seems hesitant to endorse it.  His supporters should be asking him why, or at least what they should be focusing on after the November 2nd campaign.

Someone wake me when our “Christian” leaders want to get to work on actually advancing their agenda instead of just seeing their names in print.

Patty Judge Is Concerned That A “Radical Swing” Is Coming

It was nice to see that Patty Judge had time to sit down for an interview with Des Moines Register even though she couldn’t participate in the state’s peaceful transfer of power last week.

Her interview was interesting, but the part where she is worried about the radical swing that she fears made me laugh.  I love these Democrats who spent the past four years focusing on trying to pass the labor union and gay lobby’s agenda and now act like Terry Branstad of all people is going to focus on a bunch of bat crazy crap.

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