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May 16th, 2011

Gingrich Begins 17-City Iowa Tour in Dubuque

Newt Gingrich will begin his 17-city tour of Iowa in Dubuque where he will speak to the Kiwanis Club.  Gingrich will address the challenges facing our nation and why he has decided to run for president.

Specifically, Gingrich will address health care and his vision for a 21st century intelligent health system that is centered on the patient, innovation rich and seeks to provide the best quality care with the greatest choices at the lowest cost.

Gingrich will emphasize his opposition to a federal individual mandate for health insurance as imposed by the Obama administration.  He will also reiterate his call for the complete repeal of Obamacare.  But he will also attest, as most Americans would, that everyone must take personal responsibility for their own health care costs.

Gingrich pointed to the need to redesign a system that responds to downward cost pressures.  He wants to create a system where people have access to quality outcome information, know the real costs and can choose their providers based on that knowledge.  That would create a dynamic where providers compete to provide the best care at the lowest cost.

“The current system does not and cannot do that,” Gingrich said.  “It has no incentives to provide better care or to lower costs.  Consumers have little information on which to base their health care decisions because they have no data on who provides the best care and what the cost is.”

Gingrich believes that the current system can only lead to high costs, decreased access and lower quality care. Gingrich will discuss how to create a better system that is centered on the patient putting them in the driver’s seat with their doctor to make informed health decisions.

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