March 14th, 2011

DNC Chairman Culver? I Hope So!

Culver for DNC Chairman

I think Kevin Hall got it right yesterday when he said, “If he [Culver] could do for the Dems what he did for Iowa, Chet has my full support.”  Seriously, please, PLEASE, PLEASE elect Culver to lead the DNC.  This was a guy who couldn’t figure out whether or not Iowa was in good fiscal shape or if this was the worst economic situation since the great depression.  Heck now that I think about it, Culver’s talking points are basically the same as Obama and the Democrats, so maybe he would be a good choice.

Speaking of Chet, I thought this guy was close to landing a job months ago.  I wonder the deal is?  From what I’ve been able to learn, Culver is Bill Knapp’s indentured servant since his campaign still owes Bill Knapp a bunch of money.  So not only did Chet run the state into the gutter, he did the same with his campaign.  The DNC is in debt too, so again, Culver actually brings a lot of experience to the job…

I’m told that Chet is currently working out of Knapp’s office.  I guess giving Knapp that nice award didn’t quite pay off Culver’s debts.  One has to wonder if Chet will be free and clear from Knapp by the time the DNC picks a new chairman.  I can see why Chet would want the job, it would give him the opportunity to go back home to DC where he grew up.  Come on Dems, don’t let me down!

Kevin McLaughlin

When Polk County Republicans selected Kevin McLaughlin over Steve Deace to lead their county party, they overlooked name I.D. and personality and instead went with someone who had a history of helping Polk County Republicans.

After watching McLaughlin on WHO TV 13’s Insiders yesterday morning, I think its safe to say that those Polk County Republicans made the right choice, not just for Polk County, but for central Iowa Republicans as well.

Not only was McLaughlin on message in regards to taxes and labor issues, but he repeated made Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky defend the drivel she was trying to sell.  If Republicans are going to experience long-term success, they have to win debates like these.  McLaughlin did a great job.

Open Mic Night at the Iowa House

A lot has been made about the conversation between three Republican leaders of the Iowa House of Representatives last week.  Most of the focus has been on Rep. Jeff Kaufmann who referred to House Study Bill 219 as “Give-A-Handgun-To-A-Schizophrenic Bill.” Kaufmann has apologized and said it was a poorly worded joke.

Now, I think that I should be able to carry a gun if I choose to, but lets face it, there are some really stupid people out and about.  I understand both sides of the issue, I’m sympatric to the pro-gun crowd since by pocket Constitution tells me I have the right to bear arms.  However, convicted felons loose their 2nd Amendment rights all the time.  So I don’t understand why going thorough a procedure that determines if someone is a felon or insane is such a bad deal.  I mean hell, I think Presidential candidates should have to prove they were born in America…  Anyway, the hubbub is probably going to shelve the bill in the House for the year and I doubt the Senate was going to pick it up any way.

Kaufmann has been the focus of the debate, but I think the guy who really deserves criticism is Rep. Steve Lukan.  How can you been in leadership and not know what the “Alaska Bill” is?  Had he not been entirely clueless, Kaufmann wouldn’t have had to stick his foot in his mouth.

I also laughed my a$$ off when Rep. Erik Helland was moaning about having to do all of the dirty work since in his words he is “expendable.”  No Erik, you are getting the raw end of the deal because you embarrassed your caucus by banging up your car after deciding to drink and drive.  It’s called punishment.

One last thing, I can’t believe that these three were complaining about some mistake freshman Rep. Ron Jorgensen made.  The dude floor managed the union bill, and from what I heard did a hell of a lot better than Rep. Renee Schulte did running the voter I.D. bill.  He’s a freshman and he’s going to make some mistakes.

The fact that a freshman is running that bill tells me a lot.  For all the praise and attention that the freshmen trinity (Pearson, Massie, and Shaw) has received, it’s Jorgensen who has impressed me. Fighting the unions is a lot more difficult that fighting to be the most pure Republican in the chamber.

Wanted: A Conservative Woman Who Doesn’t Embarrass Herself

While in New Hampshire, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said, “You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world at Lexington and Concord.”

Too bad Lexington and Concord are in Massachusetts.

She’s lucky this isn’t one of my “You must be an idiot” columns.  Seriously, Sarah, Michele, Michele, Sarah. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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