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April 25th, 2011

College Republicans: We don’t need no thought control!

By Jeremy Freeman

In the famous words of Pink Floyd’s classic Another Brick in the Wall part II,

“We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone”

As we all know, ever since the 60’s the left in this country has seen our education system as a way to preach and convert unsuspecting youth to their ideology. Current tenure and hiring policies greatly help maintain this liberal environment, and our education system has become the lefts greatest tool to propagate their ideals. This has made it increasingly difficult for those of us who do think for ourselves, and already have formed our opinions to speak our mind. Professors often times punish students who stand up for their differing beliefs, going as far as accusing them of plagiarism for writing a dissenting point of view in assignments.  What does the great Pink Floyd song have to do with this? The quote from the song is a goal we should strive for in our education system. We don’t need an education if it is really just indoctrination. We don’t need to be taught what to think, in our classes. We need to be left alone to form our own conclusions.

The liberal atmosphere on campus makes some students, who are not liberal, uncomfortable expressing their own views; this is because they feel that they may become ostracized.  Some of us, however, are not uncomfortable standing up for what we believe. Some of us even enjoy the massive challenge of taking on this seemingly impossible fight. We call ourselves College Republicans, and we are fighting for conservative principles and the Republican Party on campus. The task is not at all easy. We often suffer from a lack of manpower, funding, and media working against us. At Iowa State, we have started taking on the media in the school papers trying to get spots in The Iowa State Daily, expressing our views, and countering the liberal mainstream media. In fact, one of the Daily’s Editors was fired for telling us he was working against us. In order to let students know there are conservatives on campus The Iowa State’s College Republicans held a Conservative Coming Out Week, April 18th – 22nd. During the week we highlighted several issues including: the constitution, taxes, unions, and budgets. In addition, there are ways that average republicans can help, as well:

Do you know how Professors are hired?

Professors are currently hired by current professors. This method allows professors to keep hiring those who agree with them, and keep those who have differing views out of teaching.

What can a student’s parents do to help out College Republicans?

Encourage your kids to join College Republicans. Don’t let them leave for college without talking to them about their political beliefs. A student who is already set in their views and understands why they believe in what they do is safe from their professors’ insidiousness. The key is understanding.  If a student says they are a republican because their parents are, the student most likely doesn’t understand true republican values, which leaves them vulnerable. If a student can argue their points of views and use examples they are probably safe from their professors. As parents make sure your kids are educated in politics before they go off to school, and that they understand more than just a slogan such as “Change”.

An example of this would be my sister and I. She went off to college two years before me. She was not as entrenched in her beliefs as I was. She would come home and spout off Obama democratic talking points, but she couldn’t support her ideas. She would fall back to saying the typical, “we don’t understand,” or, “we are haters.”  In the fall of 2010 she studied abroad in London, upon her return my father commented that the semester abroad was the best investment he’s made. When she was in London she heard the stories from her friends about how their mom was denied treatment, by the government, for her cancer because she was too old, and only in her fifties. She also got to see firsthand how high the taxes were over there. This made her realize that the values she grew up listening to were much better.

What can the Iowa Legislature do to help us?

Altering tenure laws would greatly help change the status quo on campuses. Even if this new type of law doesn’t abolish tenure, but instead, allows tenure to be revoked easier. If the law would make it so a professor that has been proven to be teaching based on ideology and punishing students with dissenting points of view, would lose tenure.

Another idea could be changing the board of regents system. Allow citizens to elect regents, as some other states do. This would force the regents to be fiscally responsible and make them enforce rules against indoctrination, or lose their job next election. It would also give us more of a check on them raising tuition. When the legislature cuts the regent university’s budgets, they typically don’t want to take the hit, so they raise tuition and fees instead of budgeting responsibly. Electing regents would help because they would have to explain to voters why they raised tuition instead of making sure the universities spent what they already receive from taxpayers wiser. Currently regents are appointed by the governor.  Appointments could be subject to views of the governor, and how they would enforce new anti bias and indoctrination laws. If the governor doesn’t think that there is something wrong with indoctrination and bias in the class room he might appoint regents who would ignore laws on the books against indoctrination.

Fun fact, did you know under current Iowa law that the state auditor is not allowed to audit the universities?

How can average Republicans help?

Often times we need donations to help us out, whether it be money, time volunteering to help us, or items we need to put on events we are hosting. We try our best to counter the liberal professor’s indoctrination, but any help from others can offer would be greatly appreciated, and would go along ways to helping us achieve our goals.

College Republican’s goal on campus can be helped by parents encouraging their kids to join. For those of you out there who do not have kids in college helping us out monetarily or with items would be an immense help to us. To locate a chapter in need click here.

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