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December 2nd, 2011

Christine O’Donnell Rejected by Iowa Tea Party Groups, Again

Three months ago, a late invitation to former U.S. Senate candidate and former Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell almost caused Sarah Palin to cancel her a heavily publicized speech at a Tea Party rally in Iowa. O’Donnell was invited and uninvited to that event twice over a span of two days. Now, Tea Party groups from around Iowa are rejecting O’Donnell again. O’Donnell scheduled a “private meeting”  set for this Saturday with Tea Party groups around the state to come up with a consensus candidate to support in the Iowa Caucus. obtained the information exclusively. Here is the Tea Party groups’ press release:

We the undersigned independent Iowa Tea Party, 912 Groups, and Patriot Group Leaders decline the invitation to attend Christine O’Donnell’s event  in Des Moines, Iowa , on December 3rd, and hereby express deep concern regarding the event and Ms. O’Donnell’s stated intent to influence and solicit an endorsement of a candidate for the Republican nomination to the Presidency from Tea Party Supporters.

Specifically of concern:
* Ms. O’Donnell’s statements that Tea Partiers should unite regardless of which candidate wins.
* Statements expressing her personal leanings to be 70% in support of Mitt Romney.
* Statements regarding her personal donations to his campaign.

Further we reject her statement that “Indirectly my endorsement represents all of us”. It does not represent us at all.  Such actions and statements show disregard for our caucus process and our independence.

We do not understand precisely why she has chosen to come to Iowa under such pretenses, but our official stance is and has always been that the Tea Party should not endorse candidates. The Tea Party exists to educate, motivate and activate independent Patriots. We encourage everyone to participate in the electoral process and respect the rights of our members in supporting the candidates of their own choosing.

The Tea Party of America

Cedar Valley Tea Party

Jones County 9.12 Project

North Iowa Tea Party

Iowa Grassroots Coalition

Spencer Tea Party

Independence Tea Party

Cedar Rapids 912 Project

We The People of Southern Iowa

Siouxland Tea Party

Des Moines 912 Project

Council Bluffs Tea Party

Harrison County Tea Party

Keokuk 912 Project

Cedar Rapids Tea Party

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