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June 1st, 2011

Boswell Tries to Two-Step Around Support for More Borrowing

Iowa Democrat Tries to Hide His Leading Role in Pushing for Another Credit Card

Although Leonard Boswell was one of the first Democrats to try and demand another government spending credit card after filling up their first one, he ran for political cover today in the face of overwhelming unpopularity. Despite his clear support for a clean debt limit increase with no plan to cut spending, Boswell ran away scared tonight in an incredible show of Washington political games.

“Boswell might be attempting to run away from his demands for another government spending credit card after maxing out his first one, but Iowa voters will see through his Washington political games,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “It is clear that Boswell’s proactive role in asking for the power to borrow even more from foreign countries like China without changing his big-spending ways one bit is the best indicator that he has no plan or desire to rein in the record debt he helped create.”

Boswell was one of the first Democrats to call for raising the debt limit without cutting spending at all. (“As stock market drops over worries about US debt, Welch leads 114 Democrats in demanding a clean extension of debt ceiling,”Office of Rep. Peter Welch, 4/18/11)

But House Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer told these Members torun for political cover for this one vote, since their position was hugely unpopular with voters:

“House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer is advising Democratic colleagues to not support a Republican bill that would raise the federal debt limit without accompanying spending cuts.”

“Hoyer said he did not ‘intend to advise to that my members subject themselves to a political 30 second ad.’”

“It’s an attempt by Hoyer to keep his party together, and shield Democrats from voting for a bill that could paint them as fiscally irresponsible. But ‘no’ votes also open Democrats up to calls of hypocrisy from the right, as 114 lawmakers joined with Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) in calling for a clean hike of the nation’s statutory borrowing capability.” (Jake Sherman, “Hoyer: Vote ‘against’ debt bill,” Politico, 5/31/11)

Leonard Boswell will continue to play his Washington political games as always, but Iowa voters will see through his ploy and recognize that he is one of the most prominent Democrats pushing for more borrowing from foreign countries like China without cutting a dime. As the government debt burden continues to pile on current and future generations in Iowa, it is clear that Boswell has been part of the problem and is not serious about finding solutions.

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