March 28th, 2011

Beaumont Bolts, Clayworth Complains, and Catholics Flock to Steak House on a Friday Night

Beaumont Leaves The Register

Let’s see, when I began writing this blog I was often critical of David Yepsen. Now just because I didn’t agree with the take he was able to develop while having lunch in that nasty little restaurant in the Savory Hotel didn’t mean that he wasn’t a good columnist. When he left the Register things went downhill, and sorry Kathie you have shown you are not up for the task no matter how dominant you are with twitter.

Now Tom Beaumont is leaving the Register for the Associated Press. Good for him, and bad for the Register. Frankly he was the only political reporter they had because people actually trusted him. In just a few years the Register’s political coverage team has withered away to basically nothing. With the caucus season in full bloom, replacing Beaumont will probably be impossible.

Another Jason Clayworth Hit Piece

In today’s Des Moines Register, Jason Clayworth compiled all of the Democrat talking points about Branstad’s department directors and repackages them and tries to sell it as some sort of investigative report.

His main point, Chet Culver and Tom Vilsack went through a more thorough process in naming directors. How did that work out for us Jason? How many major scandals occurred during those administrations? Have you forgotten about CITEC, the film Office, Atalissa, Glenwood, and so on? If you ask me, those thorough searches failed the taxpayers of Iowa. Funny how none of that made it to Clayworth’s article, isn’t it?

Anyway, Clayworth is upset with Rod Roberts, who was confirmed 49-0 in the Senate. Seems Jason was a little late filing his report. If the guy isn’t qualified, maybe the Senate should have figured that out. He is also worried about Roger Lande’s appointment to lead the DNR because Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement are opposed. What? A whacky leftist environmental group doesn’t like who a Republican Governor put in charge of the DNR? SHOCKING.

How much longer will the Register allow Clayworth to continue if partisan “reporting” not that Beaumont is gone? This was nothing more than a hit piece.

Big Name Catholics Swarm to Steak House on a Lenten Friday

With Des Moines at he center of the political universe again this weekend; downtown was full of political heavyweights, media types, and gawkers. They were all in town for Congressman Steve King’s conservative shindig on Saturday. Which meant that the state’s only above average eatery, The 801 Chophouse, was a pretty busy place on Friday night.

In addition to national political types hanging out at 801, a group of Iowa organizations must have been holding some sort of summit at the restaurant named after a pork chop that nobody ever orders.

Leaders from the Iowa First Foundation, Iowans for a Responsible Redistricting, Iowans for Growth and Development, and the Committee of 82 held court in a booth. You might think that the leaders from those organizations would have needed a private room to conduct their business, but since its really just Rich Schwarm and Doug Gross the booth works just fine.

Steve King, Haley Barbour and Newt Gingrich also brought their entourages to the stake house. I wonder if King, Gross and Newt, all Catholics, adhered to church doctrine and didn’t eat meat? What am I thinking, Newt probably cheated and had a steak and blamed it on his love of country.

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