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December 1st, 2011

Bachmann Rouses Charles City Crowd, Earns Endorsement

Michele Bachmann’s push for an Iowa comeback yielded positive results Wednesday night in Charles City. A crowd of 50 likely caucus goers came away impressed with the Ames Straw Poll winner. She also scored the endorsement of a Republican state legislator.

Senator Merlin Bartz spent a few minutes heaping praise on Bachmann while introducing her to the crowd. Following redistricting, Charles City becomes part of Bartz’s new turf if he wins reelection. Bartz is the only Republican incumbent facing a Democrat incumbent in 2012. Bartz told that he would make a presidential endorsement very soon. He then hinted that Michele Bachmann would be the beneficiary.

“Policy-wise, I really feel like she addresses a lot of the issues from the same political philosophy that I would address them from,” Bartz said. A Bachmann campaign aide told TIR that an official announcement of the endorsement would happen soon.

That’s welcome news for the former Iowa frontrunner, who created some controversy at an earlier stop in the day. Speaking to a crowd in Waverly about Britain’s decision to close their embassy in Iran, Bachmann reportedly said, “That’s exactly what I would do. We wouldn’t have an embassy in Iran. I wouldn’t allow that to be there.”

The problem is, the U.S. has not had an embassy in Iran for over 30 years, following the Iran hostage crisis. Her campaign issued a statement later Wednesday night saying Bachmann was “speaking in the hypothetical”.

Despite the Iran flub, Bachmann’s knowledge of foreign policy and other issues was praised by the Charles City crowd. Her 50-minute discussion was interrupted by applause a dozen times. She brought up Iran again, discussing their nuclear program.

“It’s the most important issue on the foreign policy front right now,” Bachmann told the crowd. “They have said they will use it wipe Israel off the map. They mean it. If there’s anything the last 100 years of history have taught, it’s that when a madman speaks, listen.”

Bedecked in a Michele Bachmann for President t-shirt, attendee Tim Grove cheered on Bachmann throughout the speech. “She is fighting the good fight,” Grove said. “On national security, I don’t now how she got there, but somebody put her on that House Intelligence Committee, because that lady can be trusted.”

Grove’s wife Faye says Bachmann is solid on the most important issues. “She’s a conservative Christian. She’s fiscally conservative. I believe her when she says she wants to repeal ObamaCare. I feel she’s the only one that understands that it takes more than an Executive Order.”

Bachmann geared the majority of her discussion toward criticizing President Obama’s policies. “I can’t wait to stand up on the stage and rip to shreds the radical agenda of Barack Obama,” Bachmann said just before being interrupted by what she described as a “very important phone call”.

In a highly unusual move, Bachmann departed the room for just over a minute to take the call. When she returned, the Minnesota congressman woman joked, “That was President Obama on the phone. He says he’s scared to death.”

The Minnesota congresswoman took a dozen questions from the crowd, which included discussions about immigration, energy, life, education, media bias and seeking the endorsement of radio host Michael Savage. Bachmann, as usual, played up her Iowa roots repeatedly and implored the crowd to support her on January 3.

“I think it’s time to put an Iowan in the White House and have a lot more Iowa and a lot less Washington, D.C. there,” Bachmann said. “I’m the one that can unite this party. I’m the one that can do this job.”

Bachmann asked that each attendee bring 10 people with them to vote for her in the Iowa Caucus. Charles City resident David Schrodt said he is strongly leaning toward supporting Bachmann. “I thought it was excellent,” Schrodt said about Bachmann’s speech. “Very impressive. She is specific about her goals, determined and committed to the goals that she has set out.”

The Charles City stop marked Michele Bachmann’s eleventh Iowa stop in the last five days, including a Thankgiving weekend book tour. She was the lone candidate in the state for the past week until Newt Gingrich’s arrival in Council Bluffs Wednesday night.

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