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November 27th, 2011

Bachmann on Illegal Immigrants: Deport Them All

Michele Bachmann draws a sharp contrast between herself and Newt Gingrich on the issue of illegal immigration. During Tuesday’s debate, Gingrich seemed to indicate he favors some form of amnesty for some illegal immigrants. Bachmann’s view is they should all be deported.

“We have to address that problem,” Bachmann said Saturday prior to a book signing in West Des Moines. “Obviously, first of all, we have to deal with the border. Truly secure the border by building a fence and we have border security guards and then we have to enforce laws on the books, which include deportation. And I have stood for that consistently.”

A steady stream of supporters attended Bachmann’s book signing at the Family Christian bookstore Saturday evening. She is touring the state during the Thanksgiving weekend, promoting her newly released autobiography, “Core of Conviction”. She is also using the tour to promote her candidacy and try to bring down the poll numbers of one of the GOP frontrunners.

“Speaker Gingrich has come out and said that he stands for making 11 million illegal workers legal,” Bachmann said. “There’s a letter that he signed in 2004 that demonstrates that he’s held this view for a very long time. He came out in support of the amnesty program that was being proposed by President Bush. It isn’t just 2004. It’s also as recent as less than a year ago. He was speaking to The Americano organization and he said the same thing.”

Bachmann is somewhat distorting what Newt Gingrich says. The video of his speech to The Americano group is available online. He says, in part, “We are not going to deport 11 million people, so any strategy which starts with the idea…there’s got to be some zone between deportation and amnesty. I think it has to be done sequentially.”

Just over five weeks remain until the Iowa Caucus. Michele Bachmann is seizing on what she believes is an opportunity to garner support from anti-illegal immigration hardliners. Newt Gingrich stands in the way between Bachmann and a much-needed victory in Iowa.

“It’s an issue that is great concern to Iowans,” Bachmann said. “Iowans want to know that our border will be secure and they also feel very strongly that we need to stand by the laws of the land, which are deportation. I have always stood by deportation.”

Bachmann encouraged the attendees at her West Des Moines book signing to caucus for her on January 3. “I really like her,” said Urbandale resident Marilyn Roberts. “I like what she stands for. I like that she doesn’t waver. She’s forthright in her convictions. She’s an excellent role model for all women.”

Michele Bachmann believes there is a real distinction between the GOP candidates on the issue of illegal immigration. If she can harness anti-illegal immigration activists to her side in the next five weeks, Bachmann could return to the upper tier in the Iowa polls.

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