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August 11th, 2011

Bachmann Defends Home Turf – Will Join Perry in Waterloo on Sunday

Michele Bachmann has made her Iowa roots a central point of her presidential campaign.  As such, she hosted a welcome home event for residents of Waterloo, the town of her birth, at the Electric Park Ballroom the night before she formally announced her candidacy.

Now, another presidential candidate, Texas Governor Rick Perry, is scheduled to use the same venue to kick off his Iowa campaign efforts on Sunday, the day after the Ames Straw Poll.  The event that Perry decided to attend is actually a Blackhawk County GOP event.  Invitations were sent to all the candidates, and sources tell that Bachmann will also attend and speak after Perry at Sunday’s event.

Perry’s move to announce on the day of the straw poll in another state ruffled some feathers in Iowa.  His decision to stomp on the media coverage from Ames by showing up in Iowa the next day was also seen as an arrogant or insensitive move by some, but it was also risky since it’s not a Perry event.

Perry will now have to share the stage and spotlight with Bachmann on Sunday. also knows of at least one other campaign that is contemplating going to Waterloo on Sunday.  The Perry campaign was obviously trying to have it both ways.  They didn’t want to participate in the actual straw poll or tonight’s Fox News debate, but they wanted to insert themselves in the massive amounts of media coverage the two events generate.  Now Perry is going to be welcomed to Iowa not only by the media, but a candidate that might be his main competition in Iowa.

Bachmann likes to remind people on the campaign trail that she has a titanium spine, this move actually proves it.  Game On.


Event: Black Hawk County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner
Electric Park Ballroom at the National Cattle Congress
310 West Conger Street
Waterloo, Iowa

Time: Doors open at 4:30 pm CT
Bachmann addresses crowd at 6:45 pm CT


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