February 22nd, 2011

And Now We Know The Rest Of The Story…

Well we know who the nark is in the Iowa Senate Democrat caucus.  Senator Jack Hatch has told the Des Moines Register what we all suspected, that Democrats were playing politics last year when they supported a law changes Iowa’s concealed carry law from a “may issue” to “shall issue.”

Hatch told the Register, “That bill was supposedly a compromise for political purposes only – to try to neutralize the NRA.”  He went on to explain that his Democrat colleagues supported the measure because the NRA would endorse then-Governor Culver and the Democrat legislators who backed the bill.

The NRA held up its end of the deal and endorsed Culver as well a number of liberal Democrats who had never supported a gun bill before.  Those endorsements created a lot of grief for the NRA as they backed initially backed liberal like Senate Staci Appel over Kent Sorenson.  Now the NRA reversed course and backed Sorenson, but only did so after they received holy hell from Iowans.

Sorenson was the only Republican challenger in the State Senate who the NRA backed even though two other former legislators, Bill Dix and Sandy Greiner,  who had exceptional ratings from the group were running against Democrats and expected to win.

The NRA had a horrible year with its Iowa endorsements.  It’s so bad I can’t find them on their website any more.  I wonder why?  Anyway, here are a few of the NRA endorsements that I remember:

Chet Culver – LOST

Sen. Becky Schmitz – LOST

Sen. Keith Kreiman – LOST

Rep. McKinley Bailey – LOST

Rep. John Beard – LOST

Rep. Doris Kelley – LOST

Rep. Ray Zirkelbach – LOST

Rep. Geri Huser – LOST

Rep. Eric Palmer – LOST

Rep. Nathan Reichert – LOST

Rep. Larry Marek – LOST

Rep. Mike Reasoner – LOST

Ouch!  It is one thing to see so many of the NRA endorsed candidates get beat, but the damage done to the organizations image in Iowa is what really stings.  Still, you have to admit that the NRA was successful in a couple things.  One, it did see a major piece of gun legislation get signed into law.  And secondly, it exposed the Democrats for playing politics with our Second Amendment rights.

Now Hatch, who didn’t vote for the bill last year, and other Democrats are interested in passing restrictions to the new law.  Good luck with that.

I never thought I’d see the day when an elected official would run to the newspaper to bemoaning the fact that his party voted for some legislation that they now regret because they only did it because was good for them politically at the time.  Thanks Jack!  I guess one could say that you guys got played.  I’ll forgo using your “master and slave” analogy today.

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