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August 24th, 2011

An Open Letter to Jon Huntsman

Dear Jon:

You might not realize this, but you are standing at the precipice of history.  With just a little more effort, you could go down as the worst GOP presidential candidate of all-time.  I have seen poorly run campaigns up close and personal, but yours tops them all.  Despite your vast fortune, tons of free media exposure, and record as an allegedly successful governor, the tactics you are employing are destined to ensure a colossal failure.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

The mainstream media salivated at the prospect of a Huntsman campaign.  That was our first hint that something is not quite right with you.  After all, you are a former Obama appointee who wrote fawning love letters to your boss while he was leading the country down the path of economic collapse.

How can you tell the Amateur-in-Chief, “I have enormous regard for your experience”?  That line alone disqualifies you from even the slightest consideration for higher office.  Did you actually believe this drivel or are you one of the world’s foremost butt kissers?

Mr. Huntsman, to call you a RINO is an insult to RINOs.  Most candidates run to the right in primaries, trying to appeal to the conservatives who will actually go out and vote.  You have decided to run to the left and appeal to the Democrat Party and liberal media.  You say the GOP is setting itself up for a “losing position” for being global warming skeptics.  You also tweeted that we should “trust scientists on global warming.  Call me crazy.”

No, Jon, you’re not crazy.  You’re a rube.  Which scientists should we trust?  The NASA scientists who just a month ago said their data on the earth trapping heat is wrong?  Or maybe you prefer we trust the numerous scientists who have been caught falsifying their data to make the case for global warming.

Hey Governor, check out this article.  Before you claim it’s from some radical right wing organization, look at the website.  That’s right.  It is Current TV, which is owned by the biggest global warming propagandist of them all, Al Gore. By the way, I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but most of the country sides with the GOP on this issue.

Making matters worse, you decided to take up talking points straight out of your former boss and hero’s White House press shop.  Did Robert Gibbs email them to you directly?  You went on national TV over the weekend and said the rest of the GOP field is “too far to the right”, with “zero substance” and “no good ideas”.

Mr. Huntsman, I watched the most recent presidential debate and cannot recall a single intelligent thing that you said.  I tried paying close attention to your words, but could not help dozing off each time you spoke.   But what else would we expect from someone who called Hillary Clinton “personable” with “more charisma than her husband”?  If there was a Richter scale for rating charisma, you would score in negative numbers.

What is your brilliant plan for turning the economy around?   Oh, that’s right.  You thought Obama’s stimulus was not big enough.  You prefer more government intervention into the economy.  But then, that defines your entire political career.  You signed onto a Cap and Trade deal.  There is also plenty of evidence that you wanted Romneycare in Utah, but did not get it because the legislature refused your liberal overreach.  You also support civil unions.

It makes me wonder.  Why are you running in the GOP primary?  Your stances are clearly in line with the Democratic Party.  You fit in perfectly with your mentor Barack and the rest of the libs.  No wonder he made you an ambassador.  You are no more a Republican than Maxine Waters.

Now, let’s address your ridiculous decisions to mock Iowa.  First, you announced you would not campaign in Iowa because of some ridiculous idea that the only way to win here is to be a major proponent of ethanol subsidies.  There’s a bit of a problem with that.  Iowa caucus goers, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and Iowa Congressman Steve King are all on the record saying it is time to phase out ethanol subsidies.  Clearly, your pathetic excuse for skipping Iowa is based on something more than ethanol.

You decided not to participate in the Ames Straw Poll, but came here two days prior to stand on the stage and show you have the personality of a cantaloupe during the debate.  It was by far the worst performance of any candidate in any of the three debates so far.  Admiral Stockdale called and says he thinks he could dismantle you verbally.

Then there is your insulting little interview with ABC on Sunday.  “You know, in New Hampshire they pick presidents.  I know they pick something else in Iowa.”  For the first time in this campaign, you are correct.  We pick out and expose frauds.  We can spot them from a mile away.

Here in Iowa, we take our duty to vet the candidates very seriously.  We know who is genuine and who isn’t.  Given that knowledge, it’s probably best that you stay in New Hampshire.  With a lot of hard work and effort, it’s possible you can get 3 or even 4 percent of the vote there.



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