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July 27th, 2011

AFF Launches New Ad With A Warning About What The Future May Hold

American Future Fund is launching a 30 second ad today entitled, “Future Girl”.  The futuristic setting shows a bleak picture of America if we don’t get spending and borrowing under control.  The ad warns us to do something now.

For months, Republicans have proposed plan after plan to cut spending and balance the budget.  They have held the line against raising the debt ceiling unless Congress implements measures to gain control of our spiraling debt.  Obama and Congressional liberals continue to say no.  They give speeches and point fingers instead of showing any leadership or providing alternative plans.  The debate is coming to a head with the debt ceiling deadline looming.

American Future Fund founder, Nick Ryan, stated, “The crippling effects on our economy if Obama and the liberals win this debate is not just rhetoric.  It is a very real problem with devastating outcomes and we must urge Congress to act now to get spending in line and get our economy moving again.”

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