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April 25th, 2011

Obama – Already The Single Worst President in American History

By Rod Blum

Barack Obama: never has such arrogance been combined with such absolute incompetence and contempt for what made America great.  The result?  We have the single worst President in American history and his first term is only (beg ital)half(end ital) over.  The recent midterm elections were a referendum on his presidency.  And the results were unarguable:  the American people want Obama and his socialistic agenda stopped.
Politically the good news is that with majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, liberalism was on full display for all Americans to witness over the last two years.  Liberals couldn’t hide behind a centrist curtain as always happens during election season – in Iowa we have a great example of this named Tom Harkin.  Obama fooled the voters two years ago when he ran as a centrist, as a uniter who “transcends” politics and race.  Well!  Today we have a President who highlights and exploits racial and class divisions for political gain.  President Obama – if you’re so powerful why are you so petty?
The idea that the President should do what’s best for ALL Americans, regardless of race, income or political beliefs has been tossed out the window in the name of political expediency.  Who can forget Obama’s speech to Latinos when he said, “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us.”  Labeling fellow Americans as “enemies” – a new low.  Obama has vilified banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, energy producers, job creators and upper-income hard working Americans.   I can only think of two other Presidents who displayed such disrespect for the majesty of the office of president: Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.
Obama and his band of 1960’s radicals have consistently thumbed their noses at the will of the people.  Name a position Obama supports – it’s in opposition to the majority thinking in this country.  The majority didn’t want the government owning auto companies.  The majority didn’t want the trillion-dollar slush fund known as the stimulus.  The majority didn’t want trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.  The majority doesn’t want nationalized healthcare.  The majority doesn’t want the jobs killing cap-and-trade legislation.  The majority doesn’t want the government funding abortions.  The majority doesn’t want terrorists tried in civil courts in downtown New York City.  The majority doesn’t want government employees making twice that of private sector workers in pay and benefits.  It’s liberalism on full display folks.
The majority of Americans want the government to abide by the Constitution.  They want a less expensive, smaller government.  They want less government intrusion into their lives.  They want limited taxes and more private sector jobs.  They want the border secure and illegal aliens cracked down on.  They want the U.S. to remain a world superpower with the strongest military.  They don’t want to be harassed when they start a business.  They don’t want wetland, archeological and endangered species studies foisted on land developers.  They don’t want government rewarding bad behavior and penalizing citizens who live by the rules.  Obama has ignored the majority for two years – he has governed against the will of the people.
I am old enough to remember Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” campaign ads.  They gave our country a sense of optimism – because they reflected Reagan’s genuine love of this country and his profound belief in American exceptionalism.  All we get from Obama is apologies for American greatness and a loathing of capitalism and success.  Americans want a President who believes in them and in the greatness of America itself.  Obama has failed this great nation miserably.  Grade:  F.

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