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Romney Leads Des Moines Register Poll – Confirms Santorum Surge is Real

After spending most of the last year avoiding Iowa and downplaying the significance of the Iowa Caucuses, Mitt Romney leads the field in the final major poll before caucus day.  Even though Romney avoided Iowa and one of his a...
by Craig Robinson


Struggling to Understand the Deace/Newt Dynamic

Radio personality Steve Deace’s decision earlier this year to leave WHO Radio, one of the most influential talk radio stations in the nation, just months before a new presidential caucus season, left a lot of Iowans scratchin...
by Craig Robinson

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Caucus Calculations / Predictions / Guesses

Whatever you want to call it is fine. Below are my caucus predictions. If I’m right, my wife will have to hear about it for four or eight more years. If I’m wrong, everyone and their brother will rip me apart and call me an...
by Craig Robinson



Ron Paul Revolution Expands to Ultra-Conservative NW Iowa

Ron Paul was not the type of candidate that fit in well with Sioux County voters four years ago. This deeply religious and conservative community rejected his libertarian message. Paul received only three votes out of the 500 o...
by Kevin Hall

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Gingrich Urges Moms to “Participate in an Election Worthy of our Children”

Today Newt Gingrich, surrounded by his wife, daughters and grandchildren, was moved to tears as he recalled memories of his mother in front of 100 moms at a “Coffee Break” hosted by CafeMom, the most visited site for moms i...
by The Iowa Republican


Deace Gingrich

Steve Deace Endorses Gingrich

Steve Deace, an influential Iowa radio host, endorsed Newt today saying he has a proven ability to govern and undo what the Left has done to America. Sadly, there are only two candidates offering a real means by which to actual...
by The Iowa Republican