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September 28th, 2010

Zaun Releases New Televisions Ads

Zaun: If President Obama and Congressman Boswell Won’t Talk About The Issues, We Will

The campaign of Brad Zaun, Republican candidate for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, released two new television advertisements today. They begin airing throughout the district immediately.

Zaun stated, “Later this evening, President Obama will return to Iowa, and tomorrow he’ll host another one of his famous ‘summits’ to talk about the economy. Like Congressman Boswell, he doesn’t seem to want to talk about the issues facing America. Neither President Obama nor Congressman Boswell has a plan to move our economy forward. They’d rather use staged events and the hundreds of thousands of dollars of special interest money fueling their campaigns than address the issues.”

“Well if they won’t talk about the issues, I will,” added Zaun.

“I want to talk about the failed policies of bailouts, tax hikes and Medicare cuts that have gotten us in this mess. I want to ask voters if they’ agree with Congressman Boswell that we’re on the path to recovery. From what I’ve heard while I travel the district, voters don’t think Boswell understands what’s really going on in Iowa,” Zaun concluded.

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