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August 24th, 2010

Zaun: Boswell Now a “Rubber Stamp” for Speaker Pelosi and the Liberal Wing of the Party

Reason #4: Iowans Have Lost Their Representative In Congress

Boswell Now a “Rubber Stamp” for Speaker Pelosi and the Liberal Wing of the Party

Brad Zaun, candidate for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, today noted that among the 14 Reasons We Need a New Congressman, none is as important as ensuring Iowans have an independent voice in Washington, DC.

“Congressman Boswell has become a ‘rubber stamp’ for Speaker Pelosi and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party,” Zaun noted. “Boswell supports Pelosi over 98% of the time, and her brand of San Francisco liberalism has nothing in common with the needs of Iowa.”

Zaun noted that over Boswell’s 14 years in Congress, Boswell has morphed from a moderate to an automatic vote for liberals. “He was elected as a ‘Blue Dog’…and unfortunately now he’s become Nancy Pelosi’s lapdog,” Zaun added.

Consider this from the Washington Post’s “Who Runs Government” website:

Why He Matters

Boswell won a close House election as a moderate Democrat in 1996, but as the party has accumulated power in Congress the Iowa farmer has moved farther to the left. Boswell has become an increasingly reliable Democratic vote as he has faced pressure from liberals back home.

“Iowans in the 3rd District expect their Congressman to look out for them first. Congressman Boswell plays ‘follow the leader’ to an extent that he puts the interests of San Francisco and the liberal wing of his party far ahead of those of Iowa. When I’m elected to Congress, Iowa voters can rest assured I’ll represent them,” Zaun stated.

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