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August 2nd, 2010

Zaun: Boswell Do the Right Thing and Return Rangel’s $53,000

Congressman Leonard Boswell has received $53,000 in campaign contributions from Congressman Charles Rangel, according to reports from Hotline.   Rangel will come before an ethics trial in the U.S. House for 13 counts ranging from violating financial disclosure, fund-raising and the U.S. House code of conduct of rules.

In addition, as of last Friday, eight democrat House members have called for Rangel to resign from Congress.

“It’s time for Leonard Boswell to finally do the right thing and return the tainted money from Rangel.   Despite repeated calls for Boswell to return the money, he has held tight onto this money which stinks of the corrupt Washington,” said Zaun.

Zaun concluded, “Do the right thing Congressman and send back the money or let the people of Iowa know you stand with Rangel and will keep his money.   The people of Iowa deserve to know.”

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