August 2nd, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot – The Short Bus Edition

Charlie Smithson: If you don’t know who Charlie Smithson is don’t beat yourself up. Smithson is the top guy at the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board (IECDB). For the most part, the people at IECDB do a good job. I do think there are things that could be done to make the information they collect more assessable, but its not like the state spends a bunch of money on tracking political contributions.

Charlie makes the list because he told the Branstad campaign that they could purchase a vehicle with the funds from their campaign. The only problem with that is Branstad signed a law making such things illegal. How on earth did can the lead dog at IECBD make this kind of mistake? Dude, its in the code.

There are a lot of idiots involved here.

1. Smithson is an idiot for not checking the Iowa Code before advising a campaign.
2. Branstad is an idiot for violating a law that he is responsible for creating.
3. Culver’s campaign manager is an idiot for raising a stink out the legality of a short bus. Seriously, attacking Branstad on this kind of stuff isn’t going to move the numbers.

Anyone Who Wants the Government to Rebuild Lake Delhi: I think it sucks that the Lake Delhi dam broke and now there are a bunch of lakefront homes in Delaware County without a lake. I know this is probably harsh, but I don’t feel bad for the folks who lost a lake, I feel bad for the folks who lost everything because a group of homeowners up stream dammed the river and when it failed it washed them out.

I find all of the news coverage of this story to be fascinating. The most interesting story I’ve read included the input of a couple of engineers who noted that the reason the dam failed was because one of the three floodgates was inoperable.

That story went on to say that the dam wasn’t fixed because its difficult to get people to work on it, and the lake association didn’t have the funds to make the repairs. Yet, the association spent millions on dredging the lake to make it easier to navigate. Lets get our priorities straight people.

Maybe the folks who live on Lake Delhi should have put a greater importance on the dam instead of the lake that the dam makes possible. If the folks up there want to rebuild it, have at it, but I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for it. Most of the people who had nice houses on the lake didn’t lose their homes, but the people down stream had tons of damage done to their property.

Mari Culver: Iowa’s First Lady spoke at a gay marriage rally in Des Moines this weekend. The first lady said that she doesn’t speak for her husband but then went on to tell the audience about everything they have done for same sex couples.

Things like:

“Prohibiting bullying and violence against students because of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

“Civil Rights legislation prohibiting discrimination against LGBT in the areas of housing and employment.

Here is all you need to know.

“We do not support amending the state’s constitution”

Roxanne Conlin: Conlin thinks that she’s a natural fit for Tea Party activists. No, I’m not kidding. I’d love to see her attend a Tea Party event. Keep dreaming Roxanne. You’re an idiot.

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