April 7th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot: Linn County Edition

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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gettemyRob Gettemy

Gettemy is a candidate for Congress in the 2nd District. Gettemy turned some heads when he turned in a ton of nomination petitions just weeks after announcing his candidacy. Since then, one might say that he has been one of the best-kept secrets in Iowa this year, since he’s not been all that visible.

My crack research staff notified me that Mr. Gettemy has not voted in the 2008, 2006, 2004, or 2002 Republican primaries. I love these “Washington is not listening candidates” who didn’t even take part of the process before becoming a candidate.

Some primary voters don’t like candidates who want to be their standard bearer but don’t bother with voting. I guess it could be worse, Peter Teahen supported Julie Thomas a liberal Congressional candidate in 2002, then six years later wanted to be the Republican candidate for Congress.

Candidates who don’t think people will pull their voting records are idiots. I’m told there is a party switcher running in the 3rd CD, but I have not yet done the research on that.

whigThe Linn County GOP

Heck, while we are talking about Linn County, we might as well talk about how dysfunctional the county party is over there. If you recall, after the leadership elections last year, some of the old leadership team started the Linn County Whig Party. Recently, newly elected chair of the Linn County GOP bailed to support one of the congressional candidates.

Turnover in these positions is deadly to an organization if it happens mid-term. I have not hidden the fact that I don’t think its appropriate for State Central Committee members or county chairs to support candidates in primaries. You sought this leadership role on your own; you knew what it was all about. Being a county char has nothing to do with the outcome of the primary, it has everything to do with winning in the fall.

Republicans are idiots for focusing on winning the battle, not the war.

fong1Christian Fong

Christian Fong was near the top of everyone’s list of young up and comers in GOP politics until his floundering quest for Terrace Hill. Many candidates who have failed in their campaigns for high profile elected office have regrouped and set their sights a bit lower like Chris Reed, Steve Rathje, George Eichhorn and Renee Schulte.

I’m told that Fong has refused to consider a bid for congress or for the state senate against Rob Hogg in NE Cedar Rapids. That seat currently remains unchallenged by the GOP and would have been a good pickup with a candidate like Fong. I mean this is Chuck Larson’s old seat…

His all or nothing approach to elected office puts him on the list of this week’s idiots. If you want to be a future leader you have to step up.

Culver and HomanUnion Thug

Alan Bernard, former Executive Director of the Hawkeye Labor Council and close confident of then President and current Cedar Rapids City Councilman Justin Shields was recently indicted in federal court on 36 counts of forged securities and 1 count of access device fraud.

Bernard is accused of forging more than $24,800 in checks on the council’s account and more than $6,500 on an individual’s credit account. If convicted, Bernard faces up to 375 years in prison and a $9 million fine which would buy a lot of soap on a rope.

Bernard made headlines in 2001 when he pled guilty to two counts of possession of methamphetamine, each a serious misdemeanor under Iowa law. Bernard also moonlighted as democratic political consultant and owned the business

Like most organized labor thugs and their minions Alan, you are an idiot.

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