November 8th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot: Jason Clayworth

Clayworth, one of the Des Moines Register’s political reporters, had the privilege of interview outgoing Governor Chet Culver after Tuesday’s elections.  Tom Beaumont, the Registers top political reporter, interviewed Governor-Elect Terry Branstad.  Maybe Jennifer Jacobs gets to interview Jonathan Narcisse.

Anyway, I found Clayworth’s interview to be fascinating for the following reasons.

1. Culver admitted that he really thought he was going to win.  Now we know how delusional this guy really is.  Political pundits all across America had accurately predicted that Republicans would sweep the mid-term elections.  He’s either an idiot for thinking that he could withstand the Republican tsunami of 2010, or his staff had him so secluded that he never watched the news or saw his own polling numbers.

2. Culver says that he’s going to coach his son’s peewee football team.  I wonder how that pays the bills?  Trust me, the Culver family will be moving out east after the school year.  Chet will probably head out sooner than that.  There simply isn’t anything here in Iowa for him to do.

3.  Clayworth asked Culver if he’s ever going to run for President.  Yeah, no crap, and he did it with a straight face.  Let’s see, Chet is the first governor in almost 50 years to lose a re-election campaign, so you must be an idiot to ask Chet a question like this.

4. Of course, Clayworth, the Register’s resident gay activists, was going to ask Culver about gay marriage.  Clayworth asked Chet about his flip-flop on the issue.  Chet supported traditional marriage in 2006, but reversed course after the Iowa Supreme Court tossed out Iowa’s marriage laws.

Chet said that it wasn’t a flip-flop.  He was against gay marriage when it was illegal but once it was “legal” he of course had to support it.  What an idiot.  It’s called having a moral compass you moron.  I don’t need a court or a bunch of laws passed by a government to tell me what’s right and wrong.

5.  Clayworth asked Chet if he was frustrated that voters seemed to not know all the great things that he was able to accomplish.  Clayworth then ripped off a list of things like the state’s AAA bond rating, 8th lowest unemployment in the country, $700 million surplus, and the state being ranked the third best run state in the nations by some website that nobody has ever heard of.

Chet just laughed and told Clayworth, “You could give my stump speech.”

Of course he could give your stump speech Chet, he’s been echoing it in his columns for four years.

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