January 4th, 2010

You Must Be an Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Bob Vander Plaats

bvp awwwRepublican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats held a press conference last week calling for tougher drunk driving laws. It was a nice way to earn some media, but the Vander Plaats press release was a bit odd. First, it talked about DWI’s, not OWI’s. Now I realize that Vander Plaats probably doesn’t have any real world experience with these sorts of things, and that’s a good thing, but at least call it by its real name.

Now if you think I’m nitpicking the DWI vs. OWI thing, Vander Plaats didn’t make the list for that. He made the list for saying, “Drunk driving at one time was kind of cool: ‘let me give you an escort home,’ ‘let me tell you about my tales.’ Today, it’s not cool at all. You get an individual hurt or killed. We need to be very tough on this issue, we want our roadways to be safe.”

Bob, I looked up killing people in my kool kid book and it says that it’s never been the case. You’re an idiot for making such a statement. In fact, I’m sure you would have ripped one of your opponents for saying something stupid like that.

Steve Rathje

SteveRathjeorangemanI really don’t have anything against the man, but why in the hell did he send out a press release on New Years Eve that was for release on January 3rd, that says he will having an announcement tour for his 2nd Congressional run. Just set up the tour and let us know when and where you will be. Trust me, you would get better coverage.

Steve Rathje, you’re an idiot for sending out a press release on New Years Eve.

That’s all I got. I’ve not paid too much attention to politics over the last week or so. I’m also focused on watching football this week. I was glad to see the Cyclones win, now its Iowa’s turn. I should be back to my normal blogging ways next week.

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