November 22nd, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

Chet Culver confirmed that Iowans  made a good decision by making him the first incumbent Governor to lose reelection in almost 50 years. Culver’s move to give state employees a raise before he leaves office stinks. One has to wonder if Culver’s willingness to expedite the negotiations with the union was a condition of the union’s support of Culver’s campaign. If it isn’t, it sure looks bad.

It’s sad to think we need new laws that  limit the crazy crap that a defeated governor could do in his final days, but I think that’s where we are headed. Chet’s sweetheart deal for the unions, his willingness to appoint the three new judges to the Supreme Court, and his administrations decision to not provide any transition funds just proves that he’s not looking out for the best interest of the state, just him self.

I’m glad this idiot is about gone.

A Thistle to the Des Moines Register for not mentioning the fact that President Obama withdrew his nomination of outgoing (ha ha) Iowa Supreme Court Justice Marsha Ternus to the State Justice Institute board. Even if they didn’t want to print an article about this, one would have thought they might have given President Obama a thistle of their own for kicking Ternus while she’s down. I wonder if Rekha will seek understanding of Obama’s decision at her church located at 1111 Court Ave?

Am I the only one who thinks about Bob Vander Plaats when I see all the sports coverage about Brett Favre? It’s become tough to watch what has become of Favre; a once great player who now doesn’t know when to call it quits.

I don’t think you could say that Vander Plaats was ever a great player of politics, but he’s had some good games. While Favre could leave the sport and still retain his visibility and livelihood through endorsement deals and media appearances, Vander Plaats could do the same thing by stepping off the field of play. Like Favre, the more times Bob “comes back” the less impact he will have. I hope that he embraces his new role with IFPC. He doesn’t have to be a candidate to remain relevant.

If President Obama had any political sense at all he would get involved in this TSA scanning fiasco. Seriously, if you thought the Tea Party uprising led to huge Republican victories, just wait until the American people weigh in on their government grabbing their junk while in the airport.

Seriously, these are some of the most disturbing videos that I’ve ever seen.

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