October 4th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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Mitt Romney:

Presumptive 2012 candidate Mitt Romney was busy endorsing political candidates last week. He also made contributions to many of those candidates. In Iowa, Romney endorsed all five congressional candidates, Senator Grassley, Brenna Findley, Dave Jamison, and Matt Schultz. He also endorsed 29 legislative candidates.

Romney’s Iowa endorsements went a lot smoother than some of the other ones he made last week. The Alabama gubernatorial candidate, Robert Bentley, turned Romney down. Ouch. Obviously Romney’s team didn’t do its homework on that one.

Romney looks like an idiot for endorsing a candidate who didn’t want even want it.

Herschel Shmoikel Pinkus Yerucham Krustofsk:

A whole bunch of NRA types and some liberal blogger who frequents this site are upset with the article I wrote last week that indicated that the NRA had endorsed State Senator Staci Appel. As we now know, the NRA endorsed Kent Sorenson instead of Appel.

While I look like an idiot, I’m not about to apologize for writing what I did last week. Had Sorenson not raised holy hell they NRA would have gotten that endorsement wrong. You will have to take my word for it, but the NRA has created a huge mess for itself here in Iowa. However, they did do the right thing in endorsing Sorenson over Staci Appel, who is basically trying to say that Kent wants to kill women and children.

Appel’s over-the-top campaign is going to kill her at the ballot box this November. She’s the real idiot.

Charles City and The Des Moines Register

The Register recently went a little overboard in its praise of the new water park in Charles City. The city, which has suffered severe floods in the past as you can see below, recently spent $2 million on a water park that has a white water rafting feature. The town also got $200k for I-Jobs to fix the dam that had to be changes to allow the white water rafting feature.

I’m sure its cool and everything, but what happens when the river goes out of its banks again? That’s right, once again the taxpayers will have to pay to clean up the mess and make the new water park whole again.

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