September 13th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

Senator Tom Harkin

Harkin held his annual steak fry yesterday.  The turn out of the event was light in comparison to previous years.  The reason behind the low numbers is probably the lack of enthusiasm for Democrats this fall, but lets not forget that he had two of Obama’s political hacks, David Axelrod and David Plouffe, keynote the event.  Political hacks are never much of a draw, I don’t care who they are, or what they have done.

Harkin makes the list because her said, “You take it from me:  Chet Culver is going to beat Terry Branstad like a rented mule on November 2.

Oh, OK Tom.  I understand that you can’t tell people in your own party that the incumbent Democrat governor is about to get his a$$ kicked this fall, but saying that Culver is going to beat Branstad like a rented mule when Culver has yet to break 40% in any poll makes Harkin look like an idiot, which he is.

Governor Chet Culver

Senator Harkin isn’t the only one predicting a Culver victory this fall; Governor Culver himself thinks he’s destined to win reelection.  Culver told the media in Cedar Rapids last week, “–102444329.html”>I can guarantee you one thing, we’re going to win on Nov. 2.

You know, it would be nice if someone in the media would ask him a simple question like, how?  Culver’s new TV ad is pathetic.  I’m glad he’s grown on the job and admitted that he has made some mistakes, but does he really think voters are going to let him take a mulligan for the past four years?  I doubt it.

I’m also still waiting to hear Culver tell us what mistakes he has made.  Obviously he doesn’t think I-Jobs was a mistake.  I’m sure he will be the first to say that none of the scandals that have taken place during his administration are his fault, so what would he have done differently?  The only thing that I can think of is not pull over that driver in West Des Moines that he cut off while pulling out of Par’s and Cigars.

Culver guaranteeing a victory this fall is about as idiotic as him claiming that I-Jobs actually creates jobs.

Lt. Governor Patty Judge

I could write about Patty every day.  I have still to figure out why Culver’s campaign team puts her out there with him in their TV ads.  What, is Culver so incompetent that Patty is needed to be in the camera shot to instill some confidence in the Culver administration.   Its almost as if they are sending a subliminal message to voters saying, “look, this dumb a$$ really isn’t in charge of anything, Patty is.”

Anyway, Patty makes the list because she’s obviously doesn’t believe that the Culver/Judge administration has made any mistakes.  At Harkin’s steak fry, Judge said, “I make no apologies to anyone for that.  That is what had to be done and it’s working.” She was walking about flood recovery and I-Jobs, but there is no doubt that she is not on message.

Look, I think Culver’s “oops, I did it again” strategy is stupid, but when you are the running mate you have to be a good soldier and keep instep with your candidate.  Judge isn’t doing that, which makes her and Culver look like idiots.

The Grassley/Conlin Debate

I’m probably going to cause some trouble for sharing my thoughts on this, but that’s why you guys tune in.  This debate was about as awkward as they come.  At one point I thought I had been transported to a nursing home and was watching two old people fighting over a pudding cup.

Conlin looked like an idiot for trying to go to the right of Grassley by bringing up his vote for amnesty in the 80’s.  Come on, we all know Conlin would vote to give amnesty to illegals tomorrow if she could.  She also looked like an idiot for flip-flopping on a number of key issues like, retirement age and tax cuts.  She also tried to distance herself from President Obama, which is also unbelievable.

Grassley obviously doesn’t like Roxanne, and I can understand why he would be frustrated with her during the debate, but it’s a good thing he hasn’t agreed to a bunch of debates.

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