August 30th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

State Representative Roger Thomas: Thomas, a State Representative from Elkader, was in the Quad Cities on official business last Wednesday. Official business means that you and I paid for Rep. Thomas to travel to the Quad Cities. It also means that we rented a room, or built the facility where the meeting was held. On top of that, we also probably sent out invitations and paid for all the other government officials to attend as well.

This is all normal, but Rep. Thomas used the gathering to help Governor Culver campaign against Terry Branstad. That is a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars and I would like Rep. Thomas to reimburse the state for the cost of this fiasco.

Rep. Thomas, you’re an idiot.

Lynda Waddington: Lynda is an unabashed liberal who writes for Tim Gill’s Iowa Independent website. Waddington and her liberal friends are desperate to find a way to lay the blame for enormous egg recall on the feet of Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey. She calls Northey a “lapdog” because he is proud of the number of eggs we produce in Iowa.

Lynda is an idiot because she should focus her energy on Attorney General Tom Miller. Under the Branstad Administration, DeCoster was classified as a “habitual violator” of our environmental laws. Once Branstad was out of office, and Decoster cut Miller a $10,000 contribution to his campaign, DeCoster was back in business. I guess Miller is tough on big business except if you cut him a five-digit check.

Lynda you’re an idiot.

The Des Moines Register: Last Monday, The Iowa Independent wrote a story on Kim Lehman’s Tweet. The Tweet occurred Thursday, if you’ll remember. Then, that SAME Monday, The Des Moines Register’s Jenifer Jacobs writes about it. Seems to me if they cared about it, why didn’t they write it on Friday? Instead, The Iowa Independent picks up on it, and all of a sudden they are compelled to write a story? THREE days after it occurred?

Then last Thursday, The Iowa Independent writes a story about Clear Channel sending a statement distancing themselves from Jan Mickelson’s AIDS comments. Like clockwork, Jason Clayworth writes it in the Des Moines Register.

If the Register has begun getting their news ideas from a Gill-Soros-funded site and churning them into their own, this should send shivers up and down our spines and alarm all of us.

The Register isn’t just a bunch of idiots. This shows just how bad their political team really is over there.

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