August 23rd, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

Third District Republicans: I understand that this entry isn’t going to make be a popular dude in central Iowa, but let’s face it, Brad Zaun had a really bad week. It began by Boswell launching a negative attack ad betting up Zaun on jobs and his stance on ethanol, continued with a Des Moines Register story about some incident 10 years ago, and it concluded with City View combing through his financial records.

Now before you go off on me for piling on, it’s not Zaun who’s the idiot, it’s the six people who he beat in the 3rd District Congressional primary. I know that everyone hates negative campaigning, but the reason Zaun has to deal with these attacks from Boswell now is because none of his opponents brought them up in the primary.

One of the necessary functions of a primary is to properly vet the candidates. That obviously didn’t happen, and now Zaun has to deal with Boswell and the Democrats airing his dirty laundry now instead of months ago. Getting attacked on these issues now hurts worse that had this things been brought up when nobody was paying attention during a primary

I know everyone felt great about how all the 3rd CD candidates treated each other, but they are idiots and did the nominee a disservice. If they had raised these issues before the primary Zaun would either not me the nominee or he wouldn’t have to talk about this crap now, because he would have had to explain these things before the primary. The story would have been dead as soon as he won his primary.

Chet Culver: Culver’s campaign thinks that they are going to score points against Terry Branstad by demanding him to tell people what I-Jobs projects he would cut. It’s not a bad idea on Culver’s part, the only problem is that Branstad campaign is smarter than that. They are very wisely showing people who much debt they will have to pay back in exchange for the thousands of dollars Chet is in the area passing out.

Culver is an idiot for wanting to talk about I-Jobs. Dude should look at his press clippings from the past two months.

El Pollo Hombre: Once again Mark Chelgren, who is running for Keith Kreiman, makes the list, but isn’t an idiot. The Des Moines Register ran a story exposing Chelgren’s alter ego – RAGBRAI’s Chickenman.

For those of you who don’t know, Chickenman is known for his spontaneous beer bashes along the route. His bus is really just one huge beer truck. The Register claims that he once bought 70 kegs. Lets just pray to God it wasn’t all Keystone. The Register also noted that Chickenman is also known for riding nude for an hour or so everyday during his trip across Iowa.

Besides the fact that riding a bicycle nude is kinda dangerous, I guess you can say he’s offering the voters more transparency than they are getting with Kreiman.

I also think its hard not to like this guy. Just read what he told Jennifer Jacobs of the Register.

“Chickenman was a wonderful persona when I’d go on vacation and meet people. In my life now, even though I still go on RAGBRAI and I’m still Chickenman, I am first and foremost a father and a businessman, and I take that seriously.”

I’m sure Gronstal and Kreiman are getting a laugh out of this story, but I don’t know if Chelgren being outed as Chickenman is going to hurt him, in fact it might help him. People are sick and tired of politicians who are unresponsive or think too highly of themselves. This might be a time when the voters send a message this fall and send a guy like Chelgren to Des Moines. If that happens, I’m going to apply to be his clerk.

Thanks to Chelgren, I now know what to expect if I ever run for office. It is my hope that he breaks that glass ceiling for all those who suffer by having a cool alter ego/

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