August 11th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

I-Jobs/Iowa Democrats: Governor Culver and people like Jerry Crawford are out there defending Culver’s I-Jobs boondoggle as a necessary infrastructure program to help the state deal with flooding. If that’s the case, why are people under water this morning? Why have we seen major flooding all summer? If I follow their logic, the billion dollars we spent on I-Jobs should help prevent all of this.

The problem with any program like I-Jobs is that there will never be enough money to or government to protect us. Trust me, I-Jobs wasn’t created to help tame the Maquoketa River, Squaw Creek in Ames, or the smaller creeks around Des Moines. If I-Jobs is so great and necessary to prevent flooding, then why isn’t Culver calling for its expansion following the 5th or 6th record floods in the last 10 years?

Culver and the Democrats are idiots for making I-Jobs about flood control. Sure it plays well with all those Democrats in Cedar Rapids and Iowa County, but it isn’t going to do a damn thing for anyone else.

Des Moines City Manager Rick Clark: If I was a Des Moines taxpayer I’d be red hot. Apparently the city is providing its 2000 employees tickets and food vouchers to the Iowa State Fair at a cost of $40,000.

Look, I know you have to do some things to keep your employee’s happy from time to time, but isn’t having a job that provides excellent benefits good enough in these difficult times?

Rick Clark is an idiot for wasting tax dollars on stupid crap like fired Twinkies. Watch that buffoon Culver take the idea and offer it to the thousands of state employees.

Kathie Obradovich: I was downtown the other day and one of the DART busses honked at me. I thought it was odd, but then I noticed that the side of the bus had an advertisement for Kathie’s column, claiming that she offers the best political coverage in the state.

I kind of laughed when I read that, especially when you consider that Kathie took a June vacation, a mid-July road trip, and another vacation this week. It’s got to be hard to provide all of that great coverage when you are on vacation all of the time. I guess I’ll stop feeling bad when I skip a couple days.

Levi Johnston: Talk about a media whore. The only one that is even close to being on his level is President Obama. I saw on E! last night that Levi is considering running for mayor of Wasilla. Heck, he would probably be better than Rick Clark.

Last week Levi appeared in a Brittani Senser music video. Senser obvious just wanted some media attention to sell a few more records. This all comes after Levi and Bristol Palin reunited for all of 5 minutes.

Levi is a loser and needs to get a job. What an idiot.

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