May 24th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

Governor Chet Culver:

Governor Culver launched his reelection campaign last week and I don’t think it went quite as he had planned. First, Culver channeled his inner Erik Estrada, and decided that the Governor’s SUV should try to pull over a car that cut him off. For the life of me I can’t understand what good he thought would= have came out of this. Is it a big deal? No, but it is just another example of Culver doing something stupid.

Culver is an idiot for doing something so stupid right before his official reelection announcement.

Governor Chet Culver:

Yeah, it was a pretty bad week for Culver. If being involved in a traffic stop and having a lackluster campaign kickoff in Des Moines wasn’t bad enough, Culver left his briefing book behind and the Politico published the entire thing.

If we learned anything from Culver’s briefing book it’s that his I-Jobs program has been a colossal failure. Culver borrowed over $800 million dollars and has been spending it on projects across the state. His book shows that even though he’s spending millions of dollars in a county, the unemployment rate has actually went up, not down.

That’s what happens when you spend a lot of money paving roads and building culverts. Newsflash Governor, a paved road doesn’t create one damn permanent job. It should come as no surprise that Culver’s reelection tour visited the counties that received the most I-Jobs grants.

How on earth does the governor’s briefing book get misplaced? You would have to be an idiot to misplace something like that.

Bob Vander Plaats:

Bob Vander Plaats will begin running his TV ads today. This is the first time Vander Plaats has run TV ads since the closing weeks of the 2002 campaign. Vander Plaats is using Mike Huckabee’s media firm, and to be honest I thought his ads would have been a little better.

Now, thank the Lord that the ad doesn’t contain any strange people eating carrot cake like Rod Roberts’ ads, but still I expected a little more. Frankly, I think the ad tries to do too much. I like the fact that he attacked Culver, but I really thing this should have just be a positive ad about himself.

Vander Plaats might be regretting not having those positive ads. Yesterday, his hometown newspaper wrote a damaging article about his time as the CEO/Chairman of Opportunities Unlimited. We already knew that OU’s fundraising went into the tank when Vander Plaats decided to run for governor, but yesterday we learned that Vander Plaats was actually fired from his job. Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

Vander Plaats is just an idiot.

Elena Kagan:

We learned today that Elena Kagan is no fan of Senator Grassley’s election in 1980. The following is what she said back then:

“The presidential victory by Ronald Reagan I expected, but Symms, Quayle, and Grassley I did not. Even after the returns came in, I found it hard to conceive of the victories of these anonymous but Moral Majority-backed opponents of Senators Church, McGovern, Bayh and Culver, these avengers of innocent life and the B-1 bomber, these beneficiaries of a general turn to the right and a profound disorganization on the left.”

“These avengers of innocent life?” That’s all I need to know. She’s your classic liberal. I believe she will also become the first openly gay Supreme Court Justice, but there is a catch, she will not come out until after she get’s her lifetime appointment.

I think this statement coming out gives Grassley license to vote against her nomination. I would hope he would have voted against here anyway.

On a side note, I wonder if Obama would ever nominate someone to the Supreme Court that’s married? Sad one has to ask that question, isn’t it?

Bob Vander Plaats:

Did Bob drop out after yesterday’s Sioux City Journal Story? For some reason his campaign has yet to fill out the candidates survey for KCRG TV 9 in Cedar Rapids. Usually candidates who are not flush with cash fill these things out.

You can see what I’m talking about by clicking here.

The Vander Plaats campaign looks like an idiot for not filling this out.

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