April 12th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

chetChet Culver

Governor Chet Culver is ripping his Republican opponents proposals that would cut the corporate income tax. Culver claims that doing so would likely mean increased property taxes.

I guess that its good that Culver is consistently stupid. The GOP candidates are talking about things that will create jobs so people can keep their homes my paying the mortgage. Culver hasn’t done one thing to help create jobs since getting elected in 2006, unless it means growing the size and scope of state government.

Culver is worried that cutting the corporate income tax could impact property taxes. Hey dumbass, why weren’t you worried about the impact your 10% across the board cuts would have on property taxes then?

Chet, you’re an idiot and you are going to get embarrassed this fall.

ZaunBrad Zaun:

Last week, 3rd CD congressional candidate Brad Zaun backed out of an event that Dave Leach was hosting a meet and greet for him. Leach is a controversial anti-abortion activist who support the doctrine of justifiable homicide in the case of abortion doctors.

I find it odd that Zaun was willing to agree to do something with a guy that some other pro-family groups in Iowa try to stay away from. Maybe it was just an oversight, but when Tim Gill’s Iowa Independent takes notice, you know that they put that one in the file just in case Zaun is the Republican nominee in the 3rd District.

Zaun is an idiot for agreeing to do an event with a guy who could blow up his general election campaign. Oh, and you know he’s got issues when a guy like that has his own Wiki page.

burtdedKerry Burt:

Let’s see. Burt partied hard his first year in Des Moines. It’s a good thing for him he had a friend in the Department of Public Safety to bail his a$$ out after busting up his car at 3 a.m. Many of us thought that Burt should resign, but he weathered the storm and saved some lobbyist from choking a few months later.

Then the Taxpayer’s Watchdog Dave Vaudt bit Burt in the a$$ when his investigation showed that Burt lied about where he lived to get out of paying thousands of dollars in tuition for his kids. Again, we called for him to step down.

Now that Burt faces official charges he will not seek re-election. Thank God. Look, I don’t care if Republicans pick up this seat or not, but it’s a always a good thing when a tool like Kerry Burt fall on the sword.

Kerry Burt, you’re an idiot for wrecking your legislative career in something like two months.

77352114ET003_iowa_gopIowa GOP:

Since we are talking about Kerry Burt, I have to say that I was a little confused by their press release last week. Somehow Chairman Strawn thought that Attorney General Tom Miller and Democratic leaders were in cahoots to protect Burt.

I don’t buy it. While they might have tried to sweep it under the rug last year, they had to be happy when a Democrat stepped up to run against him earlier this year.

Iowa GOP, when you take a shot, make it sting. This was pretty pointless in my opinion.

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