April 5th, 2010

You Must Be an Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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CrawfordJerry_8F96AD01575EEJerry Crawford/Iowa Democrats

Democrats are trying to make a big stink out of the fact that the Sioux City TV station will not let members of the media into this Wednesday’s debate. The rules of the debate seem a little odd, but the station is going to let people watch the debate live on their website. I guess the media types will have to watch it on-line with the rest of us.

Jerry Crawford chimed in on the Republican debate during his segment on the Insiders which airs on Sunday morning WHO TV 1. Doug Gross, made Crawford and the Democrats look like a fool when he said the TV station had similar rules when he debated Governor Vilsack in 2002.

You know its bad when Doug Gross makes you look like an idiot.

chetChet Culver and his Republican Opponents

Governor Chet Culver celebrated the first anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriage by saying he’s all for it. When he ran for governor in 2006, he was pro-gun, pro-death penalty, and opposed to gay marriage. He has now completed the ultimate flip-flop on a very controversial issue, gay marriage.

I don’t know about you, but if I was up for reelection, the last thing I would do is side with a minority of Iowans who support gay marriage when if I didn’t have to. Culver could have continued to hide behind the court ruling, but instead he embraced their decision. I guess he had too. Culver is struggling in the polls and doesn’t even have the support of his base. This should help him with that.

While Culver was getting his gay on, the Republican candidates running for governor were oddly silent on the issue. I find it hard to believe that neither Rod Roberts or Bob Vander Plaats issued a press release about the one year anniversary of the decision.

I don’t know who’s the bigger idiot, Culver, or the Republicans? I’ll just say that all involved are idiots.

whoTV13.COB.2Channel 13 News

Channel 13 didn’t let a dead body get in the way of getting footage of an Easter Egg hunt in Beaverdale on Saturday morning. Channel 13 began their newscast with news of the dead body that was found by some teenagers who were with their families at the Easter Egg hunt.


I don’t have a problem with how they reported the dead body, I just laughed my a$$ off when later in the newscast they ran footage of the Easter Egg hunt as if nothing has happened.

Channel 13, you’re an idiot for not showing kids screaming after finding the dead body. Seriously, how on earth can you lead off the news with a dead body story then cover the egg hunt like nothing happened. LMAO

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