March 30th, 2010

You Must Be an Idiot

Willard “Mitt” Romney

Mitt_Romney_powerpointI don’t have a problem with Mitt’s return to Iowa. In fact, I’m glad he came to the Hawkeye state yesterday. I’m not one of those Romney fans who think he is the second coming of Ronald Wilson Reagan. No, I’m happy when any presidential candidate comes into the state. It means that Iowa is important, and out first in the nation status still matters.

So why is Romney an Idiot you ask?

Well because he wore blue jeans and from all reports said very little while in Iowa yesterday. Mitt Romney wearing blue jeans is like seeing Chet Culver in spandex. Now that I’ve seen pictures of both, it’s a sight I wish to never see again.

Second. Any potential presidential candidate who comes to Iowa should learn one simple thing. While here, say something relevant. Look, they are already making national news by just showing up here, so use the spotlight to say something meaningful.

It might have been difficult for Romney to do that since he had to spend most of his time yesterday defending Romneycare.

Mitt, you’re an idiot for wearing blue jeans. You’re also an idiot for providing the first example of government-controlled healthcare.

Terry Edward Branstad

teb hsLooks like there is a middle name thing developing here.

Romney made sure that everyone knew that he met with the former governor and current gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad. I’m sure Branstad hit Romney up for some cash, but the last thing that the Branstad campaign needed was a little PR help from Mitt Romney.

Romney’s quasi endorsement of Branstad does nothing to soothe fears that Branstad would govern as a moderate consensus builder than a conservative leader. That criticism might not be fair, but it is the reality of the situation. A Romney endorsement of Branstad wouldn’t provide him anything he doesn’t already have. I just don’t understand how campaigns make these types of mistakes.

Wait, I guess I do. This is what happens when Doug Gross is one of your chief advisors. And for that, Branstad is an idiot.

Michael Stephen Steele

tysonsteeleI’m not a fan of Steele’s. I think he is a joke of a GOP chair.

Anyway, I read yesterday that Chairman Steele floated the idea of the RNC purchasing a private jet for his travels. This is utterly ridiculous, and we wonder why Republicans lose in November.

Dear Chairman Steele,

You are not a celebrity. You are not the President of the United States, nor ever will be. You are not important enough to have a private jet at your disposal.

Your job Mr. Chairman is to work your ass off to get Republicans elected across this country in November. While I know you think you can help do that by traveling the globe and speaking to Republican groups as if you are a presidential candidate, that does little to help us win in November.

How about you take off the cufflinks and roll up your selves and focus on doing what it takes to win in November instead of trying to get more perks out of the job. You already knock down 10k a month for a job I don’t think anyone needs to be paid for. You already spent a ton of money redecorating your office and held an RNC meeting in Hawaii. Now you want a private jet. Screw that, I want more Republicans in Congress!

NEWSFLASH: This is the crap that the American people reject. I can’t wait to see the Democrats attack our candidates this fall for your fiscal malfeasance. YOU”RE AN IDIOT.

UPDATE: Looks like the RNC likes strip clubs too. This is out of control. Steele needs to be shown the door.

OK, I better stop. People are starting to give me strange looks…

I can’t wait to tee one up sometime this week. Then baseball starts! If I can find a course that’s open, I might not be in a few days this week…

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