March 23rd, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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When I logged into TIR yesterday, I noticed that there were a whole bunch of press releases and articles about the health care vote. I didn’t think it was necessary for me to add even more to the discussion so I took the day off. So today will be a hodgepodge of Idiots and other news.

This week’s idiots:

Jonathan Narcisse

JonathanLast Wednesday, I asked if Jonathan Narcisse could collect enough signatures to get on the ballot. Low and behold, the next day he was out there saying that he changed his mind and would not run against Culver in the Democratic primary. Narcisse thinks we are all idiots. He expected all of us to believe he actually had the required signatures but just couldn’t stomach being a Democrat.

If anyone thinks that Narcisse just happened to change his mind the day before the filing deadline, I know of some ocean front property in Arizona my good buddy George Straight would like to sell you. People like Kathie Obradovich and Craig Robinson were correct in calling on him to release his petitions or in Robinson’s case, calling him fool.

Nobody forced Narcisse into the Democrat primary, this was a decision he made himself. He claims to have the necessary signatures to get on the Democratic primary ballot, but as he said on the radio last night, he just can’t be a Democrat anymore. I get that, but then he should have never run as a Democrat.

Not only is Narcisse an idiot for this entire debacle, but he might have just won the Idiot of the year award. The award is his unless some Linn County elected officials keep trying to push big labors agenda.

Paul McKinley

mckinleyMcKinley is the Republican leader in the Senate. When I think of leaders, I think of men and women who inspire people to do great things. You know, people like George Washington who singlehandedly held together the American Revolution. You get the point.

So mark this one down in McKinley’s profiles in courage. When asked about the prospects of Republicans picking up seats in the Senate, McKinley told the Register, “Our prospect of picking up a seat is good.”

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Republicans come back with a robust caucus of 19… Maybe McKinley was misquoted, or maybe he is a master in lowering expectations. Either way, it’s hard to get excited about the Senate when you read crap like that. McKinley, you’re an idiot.

Lose Meat Sandwiches

maidriteThese tasty little sandwiches would never make my idiot list. What I find amazing is that the House and the Senate can’t come to an agreement on an issue like the importance of Maid-Rites. Look, we have illegals driving around in panel vans and campers selling Mexican food all over Des Moines. Is it small businesses like the Taylor Maid-Rite that we need to be concerned about or these mobile food vendors?

If a bunch of people were getting sick from eating Taylor Maid-Rites this would be a different story. If you want a good example of how messed us legislative Democrats are this is a perfect example. At least the House is being consistent. Why on earth would they want to do anything for small business? Idiots.

A Random Thought and Observation

I was at Walmart the other day buy a bunch of crap that is made in China. That not important. Anyway, as I was leaving, I noticed that there were people who came to Walmart to get their taxes done. Does anyone think this is a good idea?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the people who get their taxes done at Walmart are probably the same people we are going to be forced to pay for their health care benefits. Whatever happened to personal responsibility and the American work ethic? Why is it that we must use the lowest common denominator in our society to set social policy in this country?

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