March 15th, 2010

You Must Be an Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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Senator Tom Harkin

Tom HarkinSenator Harkin told a crowd of Democrats in Davenport this week that Republicans are in for a surprise this November. Harking said, “This thing is going to turn, and it’s going to turn big. Once a healthcare bill gets passed, people will see the benefits.”

Really Tom?

Look, we all know you don’t live here and thus don’t have a firm grasp on what is of concern to Iowans, but this is some of the craziest stuff I’ve heard lately. I think Senator Harkin needs to take a page out of Chuck Grassley’s book and hold a few town hall meetings over the Easter break.

I understand that he needs to be the cheerleader for Democrats in Iowa, but the thought that the current political environment is going to whip a $hitter and back the Democrat’s nationalized health care proposal is idiotic.

Senator Harkin, spend a little time with normal hard working Iowans, maybe then you will not sound like such an idiot.

Norm Sterzenbach

Democrats-logoNorm is the Executive Director of the Iowa Democratic Party. Last week he sent out an email following the Iowa Christian Alliance event. In his email, Sterzenbach wrote, “No new ideas were offered, just a blast from the past filled with platitudes and insults against Governor Culver, President Obama, and others.”

He’s about as clueless as Tom Harkin.

I bet Rod Roberts tear up when he has to break out the fly swatter at the family picnic. While I’ve seen Roberts, Branstad, and Vander Plaats rightfully criticize Culver and the Democrats, it has never gotten close to be called mudslinging, like the email goes on to say. Furthermore, Terry Branstad defended his record, and Bob Vander Plaats talked about jobs. Not a whole lot of Dem bashing went on at that ICA event.

If Sterzenbach is so concerned about mudslinging, maybe he should do a better job of putting a muzzle on IDP chairman Mike Kiernan. That guy is a complete tool who attacks anything that walks by sending out countless of negative and nasty press releases.

I know how politics are played, but if you’re going to hammer someone for mudslinging, it better be true. Nothing I heard about the ICA event had anything to do with attacks on Democrats.

So what in the hell are you even talking about Norm? You look like an idiot.

The Iowa Legislature

capitoldarkLet’s see. They can suspend the rules when it comes to texting while driving, but they can’t do it to allow the people of Iowa the right to vote on the definition of marriage. Nice.

A few days later, they protect the way that the Marshalltown Maid Rite store cooks their meat. If you have ever had one of the delicious sandwiches you would know not to mess with a good thing, but this is just another example of the legislature responding to public outcry about everything EXCEPT marriage.

Democrats is the legislature look like idiots for doing all they can on issues dealing with text messaging and a local sandwich shop, but nothing on the marriage. All of these little things build a very bad narrative for Iowa Democrats. Idiots.

The Des Moines Register

dmregLast month, when the Register published the results of one of their polls, they made us buy an actual paper to see the results. The polling results were put online later that evening. It’s a ploy to get people to buy an actual paper. I wonder how long until they do the same with the RAGBRAI route information? Isn’t it the same thing? The Register has information that people want so instead of putting it on line they make you buy the paper?

They way the Register is going, maybe they should just do away with its website. That would force people to buy the paper. Another option would be to require anyone who wants a RAGBRAI wristband to purchase a subscription to the paper. Maybe the bigger question at hand in how long until they sell the naming rights to the greatest bike ride in the country. Don’t laugh, it will probably happen.

I thought I would offer a few ideas to help my friends over at the Register. They need help because they are a bunch of idiots.

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