March 1st, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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Jonathan Narcisse:

JonathanI don’t blame a Democrat for wanting to primary Governor Chet Culver. Culver is vulnerable, and if I was a Democrat, I’d be trying to find a way to get him off the ballot next November. Challenging Culver to a primary is smart, I just don’t know if Narcisse is the right guy to do it.

Narcisse let it be known that he’s running for Governor for almost six months now. We all assumed he would be running as an independent, then the media seized on the fact he was a Democrat. Like a fly attracted to a bug zapper, Narcisse could not resist the gravitational pull of a Democratic primary challenge.

The reason I think Narcisse is an idiot is because he said win, lose, or draw he will be on the ballot this fall. Meaning if he loses, he will just run as an independent. I don’t think running as an independent because you lost the Democratic primary makes a person look like a credible candidate. However, this is the same guy who tried to motivate a student by encouraging him not be like some former athlete who asks customers for money for wine and offering (oral sex) for money.

There is no possible way that this guy will ever be the governor, but he could have made an impact on the general election. I think this latest development benefits the Republicans. Not because he is in a primary against Culver, but because it makes him irrelevant when he ultimately runs as an independent.

Narcisse is having an identity crisis. Only an idiot would announce that they will run as an independent if he loses his primary for governor.

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee Debate copyHuckabee was back in Iowa last week to help Bob Vander Plaats. It’s the second time he has come to Iowa to help out. Regardless if you like the man or not it seems as if he is loyal to the people who helped him in the 2008 caucuses.

Huckabee made the list because he said that he wasn’t up to speed on IFPC’s position on sitting out the general election if Branstad win the Republican nomination. IFPC’s position has been one of the most hotly debated issues in this year. Either he wanted to avoid taking such a strong position against Branstad or IFPC and Vander Plaats kept him in the dark. Maybe that explains why the usually approachable Huckabee didn’t talk to Des Moines media on his swing through the state.

Huckabee is an idiot for not knowing what he was walking into. You do that too many times in Iowa, and your presidential aspirations go up in flames.

Chet Culver

Culver Thumbs UpGovernor Culver visited Iraq last week. I’m sure the trip had been in the works for awhile, but taking a trip to Iraq when the number of Iowans there is at an all time low seems pointless.

Culver also said, “I’m also here out of respect for the 18 Iowa guardsmen and women who have been killed in Iraq and in respect for their families as well and for the 200 Iowans who have been injured in this country.”

You needed to go to Iraq to do that Chet?

I used to think this guy was an astute campaigner, but lately he’s proved me wrong. The best thing that Governor Culver could do right now is be a better governor. That would mean skip the overseas trip to Iraq, stop using taxpayer’s money to campaign around the state, and grow a set and try to lead this state for the ten months you have left.

Does anyone else think that Culver’s trip and the firing of three more state employees in relation to the film tax credit fiasco is more that convenient timing? I do. This guy is never around when the media wants to ask a difficult question. I think the people of Iowa deserve to know why it took five months for these firings to occure.

Iowans will be idiots if they don’t send him back home to Virginia.

President Obama/Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi

ObamaLast week’s healthcare summit was a yawner, but Krusty Kudos to the Republicans for not doing something stupid like compromise on the Democrat’s bill. Obama came off as arrogant, Pelosi sounded stupid, and Harry Reid was pissed off. Reid is probably pissed off because he is probably the only guy in the room that’s not going to get re-elected this fall.

Anyway, instead of Democrats accepting the defeat of their massive government takeover of healthcare plan, they seem adamant to shove it down American’s throats. Regardless of what you think of the bill, doing so would be the biggest political blunder in modern history.

The healthcare debate shows the difference between Republicans and Democrats. When Republicans were in power, President Bush tried to reform Social Security. The public rejected the plan and Republicans stopped perusing it. The same is now happening with healthcare, except the Democrats refuse to listen to the people.

The Democrats are idiots if they opt for the nuclear option and shove this bill through.

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