February 15th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative
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Mike Kiernan

kiernan2Only Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Mike Kiernan could spin Branstad huge lead over Governor Culver into an attack. The Des Moines Register poll had Culver up 20 points and poll had Branstad up a mind blowing 29 points. Yet, Kiernan sent out a press release saying, “The Iowa Poll released today shows candidate Terry Branstad has fallen by 4 points in the polls in the two weeks following the announcement of his attempted political comeback. Branstad should have gone up in the polls after announcing. The poll released today shows that when Iowans hear about the Two Faces of Terry Branstad, his numbers have only one way to go: down.

Just a couple points Mike. First, you have been out there promoting Terry Loves Taxes for months now. Obviously it has not had the desire effect you had hoped. Face it, Branstad is up by a huge margin and is killing your buddy Chet. Second, how about you try and spin Culver’s pathetic numbers. That’s your job isn’t it? Seriously Mike, Chet needs to hire that Sully Sullenberger guy to manage his campaign. If you are going to crash and burn you might as well find a guy to make sure nobody else gets hurt.

Mike Kiernan is an idiot for trying to spin Culver’s piss poor polling number.

Kathie Obradovich

obradovichI actually agree with Kathie’s article about Chet needing to update his resume. While all of her articles lack any level of seriousness, at least she took a strong position in her most recent column, or so I thought. It seems as if Kathie’s premise in her article wasn’t her own. Pollster Frank Luntz was quoted in the Register yesterday saying, “But if only a third of the state approves the job he’s doing, and he’s losing now to a well-known former governor by 20 points, he may want to be touching up his resume.”

So I take it Kathie took Luntz’ analysis and wrote a column about it. How weak is that? You’re the political columnist for the largest newspaper in the state, and yet you bring nothing unique or new to the table.

Kathie, you’re not an idiot for lifting Luntz’ idea and making it your own, you’re just pathetic.

Des Moines Register

desMoineRegisterWhile we are talking about Kathie, her promotion to fill David Yepsen’s shoes has obviously failed. That makes the Register an idiot right there. That said, how sad is it that the Register doesn’t post their Iowa Poll stories on line until later in the day in an effort to sell more newspapers?

I laughed when I saw that had created their own graphs and posted then on the site and emailed them out to people. So instead of forcing people to buy your pathetic newspaper, you actually just gave your on-line competition a chance to post your results on-line before you did. Doesn’t that hurt more than it helps?

The Des Moines Register is an idiot for thinking that people are going to rush out and buy a paper just to see the results of the Iowa Poll. Look, people will jut wait to see it online or hope that someone will post the information like what happened yesterday.

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