February 1st, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot

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Written by: Krusty Konservative

Conductor of Debt copyChet Culver

Governor Culver has spent most of his first term in office riding around the state in train cars. I think it’s safe to say, that less that 1% of Iowans road a train last year. Still, Culver has made expanded rail service one of his key initiatives as governor.

President Obama awarded $8 billion for high-speed railroad projects nationwide last week. I bet Culver was excited about that, untill he found out that Obama gave him the shaft.

$2.3 billion for projects in California
$1.25 billion for Tampa to Orlando
$1.1 billion for Chicago to St. Louis
$810 million for Madison to Milwaukee

What did the nation’s top train enthusiast Chet Culver get? Next to nothing. Obama turned down the $256 million request for Omaha to Chicago rail service. Instead, Iowa will receive $18 million in grants, almost all of it is to improve existing tracks.

What an embarrassment for Culver.

Culver is an idiot for spending so much riding the rails. Maybe he should spend more time dealing with Iowa’s economy.

jackhatchJack Hatch

Sen. Hatch slipped on the ice and cracked a few ribs which caused a small puncture in his lung last week. Apparently Hatch sent the following message via his phone, “Isn’t ironic that on the day we expand health care to Iowans, I’m laying in the ER that is not available to everyone- something needs to change.”

Actually nobody is refused critical care in this state, so no, it’s not ironic Sen. Hatch.

Hatch has proved to be an idiot time and time again. I’m just glad he didn’t call anyone a [email protected]@er.

christopher20reedChristopher Reed

Christopher Reed raised something like $2800.00 for his 2nd District congressional campaign. Isn’t this the guy who held that big fundraiser with Duncan Hunter. Oh that’s right; you didn’t have to actually give money to go to it.

Personally, I’m a little disturbed that Steve Rathje should now be considered the frontrunner in the race. I’m sure he will do something stupid like refuse to debate the other candidates on TV, but the fact that Rathje raised more money that Reed and Miller-Meeks combined is unbelievable.

Mr. Reed, the most important role of a candidate is to raise money. The fact that you still have not figured that out makes you an idiot.

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