November 1st, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot – Or A Better Yet Heathen

In 2006, Iowans were told that Chet Culver was “a man of deep religious faith.” You remember the TV ad that shows Chet reading a Bible to his kids.

I find it odd that such a strong man of faith would hold campaign event at 10:30 on a Sunday morning.

You know its bad when Roxanne Conlin thinks it’s a little odd to be holding an event on a Sunday morning. “I’m sure God will forgive you for not going to church. We were a little worried about that, of course, because we want you all to pray,” Conlin told the crowd.

I always thought that Conlin was in la-la land, so seeing her admit that she needs a miracle to win on Tuesday will help me sleep at night.

My blog brother Grant (G$) also has joined in on calling Iowa Democrats heathens.  G$ provides us with the following tweets from the Iowa Democratic Party.

RT @soroecker: Have yet to see a single GOP office open from Ames, to Oelwein.

RT @soroecker: The Mason City GOP office is closed, while over 120 Democrats are excited & ready to hear from @culverjudge & @RoxanneConlin

I thought G$ did a good job of explaining things so I’ll just quote him.

So Team Culver/Judge and the Iowa Democratic Party were really talking smack that GOP offices were closed? *gasp* On a Sunday morning? *oh my gosh* Call me Ocho Cinco… Because I’m saying child please… And I’ll say it… They have zero clue.

Your average Iowan… At 10:00am on a Sunday morning… Are probably gonna be at their place of worship… Um, its the truth… That’s what most folks do.

Ask Patty Judge what most folks are doing on a Sunday morning in Monroe County? Betcha, you get the same answer. At church.

All of this just goes to show you how out of touch Culver and Conlin really are.  Actually, it proves that they are just idiots.

Predictions tomorrow!

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