December 20th, 2010

You Must Be An Idiot…

…if you are a wind energy company that hires Chet Culver to be its CEO.

I know Terry Branstad and Bob Ray were both successful CEO’s after leaving office, but I don’t know if I would trust Chet with a kid’s checking account let alone an entire company.  He seems like a likeable guy and in all, but he messed up the Secretary of State’s office before he messed up the entire state.

I know that Iowa has become a leader in wind energy, but its lot like that wasn’t going to happen had Chet not won in 2006.  Many of the projects and incentives were already in place before he was even elected.

I actually think that job in the Obama Administration would be a good fit for him.  He’s proven that he knows how to spend money that he doesn’t have.

I would have crapped my pants if…

… I almost was in a head-to-head accident with an airplane on a state highway.

It seems that one of the planes that the troopers operate experienced an engine failure and had to land on Highway 44.  The plane was carrying a conservation officer that was patrolling deer hunters.

Excuse me, but there are a number of problems with this.  First, the state is at its lowest number of troopers in years but we have the manpower to fly around someone from the DNR?  Second, is it really necessary to operate airplanes for these types of activities?  Heck, I even question the need of having planes in the air to catch speeders.  There has to be a cost/benefit model out there and I doubt we are following it.  Three, there are so many deer in this state we should applauded those who help thin the herd not punish them.

High Speed Rail or the Mississippi Lock and Dam System

The Des Moines Register’s editorial board is worried about the lock and dam system.  Apparently there might not be enough funds to keep barge traffic moving.  Two words – bull crap.  I’m not saying that the Corp of Engineers doesn’t lack funds, what I’m saying is that this is just an attempt by them to get more funding.

As for me, Joe Taxpayer, I say its time for our government to make a priority list.  What’s more important to our nation, high-speed rail or the ability to ship commodities on our nation’s main waterway?

As you all know I oppose high-speed rail.  If someone wants to get to Chicago from Des Moines they can get a cheep bus ticket.  That’s not the case for farmers who need to export their crops or industries that also use the Mississippi to send and receive goods.  This is a no-brainer, but it pisses me off we hear about this need after Obama has already started handing out checks for rail projects.  STUPID

You’re also an idiot if….

… you are all depressed about Iowa losing a congressional seat.

Come on folks, we knew this day was coming. I laughed out loud at the Register’s story about how we used to have 11 congressional districts. Lets not forget that nobody lived in California in 1910. For those who are worried about the state losing our clout, we still have two of most senior senators in the Senate.

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